North Korea

Hawaii Struggling to Meet Adequate North Korean Nuke Preparations

While North Korea may be lacking in the military equipment department, they certainly aren’t in short supply of crazy.

With their bizarrely brazen leader, Kim Jong Un, continuing to insist that he will wipe the U.S. mainland from the planet using nuclear weapons that experts believe he does not possess, many in the continental United States view the despotic dictator as a diminutive distraction on the world scene.

The same isn’t quite true for Hawaii, however, who would prove to be a much simpler target for Kim to engage given the proximity to the Korean Peninsula, and North Korea sizable fleet of ultra-quiet diesel submarines.  The only problem, however, is that Hawaii isn’t anywhere near ready to deal with that threat.

“The state’s emergency fallout shelter plan, not updated since the Cold War, includes a Salvation Army store, categorized as a ‘safe zone.’ That plan is not exactly common knowledge. One of the store managers didn’t even realize the building is on the 1985 fallout shelter list and said the so-called safe area in the basement is packed with donated items.

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“The fallout shelter at Territorial Savings Bank, in the middle of Kailua, holds just 35 people.

“A third shelter is in a cave in a mountainside accessed only through a private driveway, the entrance to which has a sign that reads ‘No Trespassing.’ This pattern of underwhelming shelter space for Hawaii’s 1.4 million people characterizes all the state’s islands.

“’There is a need for state leaders to take this threat seriously. A lot has changed since the 1980s, when the emergency management plan was put in place,’ Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, told Fox News. ‘With the threat today, it’s likely we would have just minutes of warning of an imminent attack. Going to a shelter may or may not be feasible.’”

On one hand, the idea that North Korea could successfully deliver a nuclear weapon to Hawaii seems farfetched, especially after multiple failed missile tests in the recent days and no definitive proof that the rogue nation even has a nuke.  However, on the other hand, Kim Jong Un has proven time and again that he’s willing to try just about anything to get the attention of the United States – something that certainly has some Hawaiians taking notice.


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