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Hawaii Getting Serious About North Korean Missile Threat

With news of President Trump’s visit to the Middle East dominating the news cycles this week, Kim Jong Un’s threats against the U.S. are on the back burner…except for in Hawaii.

Given the reclusive nature of the North Korean regime, it has been a challenge to gauge their true military competency in recent decades. While boasting the 4th largest army in the world, thanks to mandatory military service requirements, the nation still routinely botches simple missiles tests and sends scientists to their nuclear testing facilities to play volleyball.  Even though they do have an enormous fleet of submarines, the vessels are so poorly maintained that underwater microphones are able to pick up the supposedly silent subs due to the noise being generated by the rust on their hulls scraping against the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Yet, for every embarrassing technological setback that the hermit kingdom faces, they have an equal amount of pure insanity being exuded by “supreme” leader Kim Jong Un, making North Korea a nation that truly should not be trifled with.  If nothing else, their unpredictability makes them dangerous, even if their military “might” sets them back a few decades.

Kim Jong Un’s grand plans to annihilate the United States’ west coast via nuclear armageddon seem like quite the long-shot, given the setback that his dictatorship has faced, and that has given the island state of Hawaii pause.  Sitting directly in line between Pyongyang and Los Angeles, Hawaiians are finally ready to update their preparatory plans in case Kim Jong Un ends up feeling froggy in the near future.

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“The Hawaii Department of Defense is in the process of updating its nuclear contingency plan amid escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea.

“Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by Motherboard’s Sarah Emerson detail the steps being taken by the Hawaiian government to prepare for the unlikely event of a nuclear attack.

“One such document, dated May 1st of this year, provides an overview of the ‘Plan of Action and Milestones (PoAM)’ for a ballistic missile defense initiative.

“The assessment states that Hawaiian officials are continuing to monitor North Korea’s actions in coordination with USPACOM while updating emergency plans and re-assessing old fallout shelters.

“’Major Considerations’ at the end of the document note that ‘Missile arrival time is less than 20 minutes,’ with likely targets including Barbers Point, Pearl Harbor and the Honolulu Harbor area.”

While it still seems like a bit of a long shot that North Korea could tactically strike Hawaii anytime soon, given the futile and embarrassing missile tests they’ve conducted in recent months, there is certainly no harm in preparing due to the proximity Hawaii maintains to the rogue nation.

Whether Kim Jong Un truly has the gall to lash out militarily at the United States has yet to be seen, but given the recent reports that his regime has lost some of their grip on the population of North Korea, there is no doubt that a madman such as Kim could snap at any moment.

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