Hate Crime Charges Dropped because Perpetrators are Black

I’ve said it many times that in today’s twisted, mixed up and degenerate society, only whites can be guilty of racist hate crimes and blacks, no matter how vile and intimidating they are, are not guilty of racist hate crimes. It’s as if the color of their skin makes them immune to being racist.

I often use Al Sharpton as an example. I consider him to be the #1 racist in the entire country, yet he’s labeled as a civil rights activist instead of a racist. He will create a racist issue when there is none.

Case in point was some years ago when a retail store manager I knew stopped a shoplifter. The shoplifter resisted arrest and fought against the store manager who eventually subdued the shoplifter. While being held for the police, the shoplifter suddenly collapsed and died. An autopsy revealed that the shoplifter was on drugs and that he died from a cardiac arrest due to the drugs. The store manager was exonerated.

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However, the shoplifter was black and the store manager was white. Shortly after the incident, Sharpton rolled into town and began stirring up racial trouble for the store manager claiming he intentionally killed the shoplifter because he was black, much he’s done with Michael Brown, Freddie Grey and others. The racial tension grew to the point of forcing the local authorities to arrest the store manager and charge him with the death. It took two years for the case to go trial. During that two years, the store manager lost his job, his wife, his home – everything. Eventually, the jury found the store manager innocent of all charges and said there was no crime and what happened was not a racial issue. As I was in retail management at the time, I casually knew this store manager and saw what Sharpton’s false allegations did to him and his family.

Sharpton managed to ruin the store manager’s life and family over something that didn’t happen. When Sharpton left town after the verdict was read, he never apologized for ruining the man’s life.

Yet, when a group of blacks attack a white person and shout this if for George Zimmerman and Black Lives Matter, Sharpton and every other black activist remain silent. When Cincinnati police officer Sunny Kim was shot and killed by a black man, Sharpton was nowhere to be seen. When two New York City police officers were shot down by a black man, Sharpton was nowhere to be seen. No protests and no mention of a hate crime.

If you need more proof of the inconsistency of racial hate crime prosecution, consider what happened this month at Salisbury University in Maryland. Someone drew a stick figure hanging at the end of a noose with the N-word and arrow pointing to the stick figure on the whiteboard in the school library. Along with the drawing was #WhitePower.

When the drawing and inscriptions were discovered, it spread through social media like wildfire. One student tweeted:

“Mightas well call it ‘DIE’versity.”

Another student tweeted:

“Wow. I have no words. Whoever drew this in Blackwell is sick. This makes me angry as hell. That just ruined my whole mood. That board was in the room I just left from. Would loveeee to know who went in after.”

The university police instantly launched a hate crime investigation, determine to charge the culprit(s) with a hate crime. The investigation led to the discovery that the drawing and racist inscriptions were the work of two black students. Upon that discovery, no criminal charges are being pressed against the two students who stirred up the entire university. They expected to discover that the guilty party was white and were prepared to file hate crime charges against that person(s), but since the perpetrators were black, no hate crime and no charges.

Again I will say it. Only whites are guilty of being racist and committing hate crimes. Black are apparently justified in their racial hatred and therefore cannot be racists nor guilty of hate crimes. And they claim to be the persecuted ones.

Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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