Hate Crime? Black Guy Sucker Punches White Guy: “Cracka…You Don’t Belong Here!”

In what the New York Daily News is reporting as a “second anti-white bias incident” in Brooklyn in a week, a black man ran up to 44-year-old Randy Aveille – a white man – in the subway and sucker punched him, sending him to the ground and giving him a black eye. As the assailant walked away, he said, “Cracka…You don’t belong here!” The incident is being investigated by the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Hate Crime Task Force Division.

Aveille said that he and his fiancée were on the Q train at Church Ave. station when he thought he saw an actress from the TV show Shameless. A black man happened to be in his line of sight. According to Aveille, “He must have thought that I was staring…or challenging him in some way.” After exiting the train, the man came up behind Aveille and started pummeling his head. Stunned, Aveille started to turn around, got hit in the eye and fell to the ground. The Daily Mail reported that a white woman bystander – incidentally the woman who Aveille thought may have been that TV show actress – had tried to intervene, but the assailant spit in her face. “Someone get his white cracka ass off the floor. It’s a black neighborhood…You don’t belong here,” the attacker reportedly said. Aveille’s fiancée recalls the black man saying, “Watch who you look at!”

Aveille said that he had just moved to Brooklyn from Florida a couple years ago and believes that that was the motive behind the attack. He indicated that he’s overheard subway conversations about how unhappy certain residents are that white people are moving to the area. He told the New York Post:

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“I don’t know what to think,” he said. “One minute I’m sitting on the train minding my own business and the next I’m being assaulted. If you’re just looking at somebody and somebody’s looking at you, is that a cause for them to assault you?”

Within a week of that assault, another attack happened in the same vicinity. Police are investigating whether it was the same attacker. The New York Daily News reported:

Police are investigating a second anti-white bias incident in Brooklyn where the attacker called his victim “cracka,” the Daily News has learned.

A 51-year-old white man told cops he was on Nostrand Ave. near Glenwood Road in East Flatbush when a black man ran up and knocked him to the ground about 5:40 p.m. Monday.

“This is for Malcolm X, cracka,” the brute said before storming off.

The victim was not seriously injured but did suffer some “soft tissue damage,” he said.

“I came forward to police because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” said the victim, who requested anonymity. “I’m afraid of the guy knowing where I live and having my windows broken in.”

This incident is also being investigated as a possible hate crime. However, it remains to be seen whether or not police will classify these cases as such following their investigations.

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Here’s The New York Daily News chatting with Randy Aveille:


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