Harveywood Panics as LAPD Follows Up on Feldman’s Accusations

When it comes to the world of the global elite, there is a hefty crossover between politics, Hollywood, and the ultra wealthy that cannot be ignored.

Given that the media, as a whole, is clearly in the business of promotion for the sake of creating fortunes it comes as no surprise that the entire elitist lifestyle has been able to spiral out of control.  The ability to control the narrative has been at the fingertips of the world’s most powerful men and women for some time, and whatever sliver of truth that we hoped to glean from a free and unfettered internet has been railroaded into conformity by the liberal likes of Google and Facebook.

Thankfully a brave group of victims in the world of entertainment have come forward to challenge the phony narrative that all is peachy keen in Tinseltown, hopefully opening the floodgates for the entire corrupt cabal of the 1% to come crashing down.

It began when accusations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein began to be taken seriously, sending the ultra powerful movie mogul on the defensive.  As his cadre of accusers continued to grow to astronomical proportions, a number of previously unwilling victims of other depraved elitists began to emerge from the woodwork.  Soon, actors and producers alike were being called to the carpet, and shocking revelations regarding some of Hollywood’s biggest stars began to drop.

Cory Feldman has long insisted that a clandestine pedophilia ring has been operating in Tinseltown, often to a chorus of jeers or laughter from those who wish to silence him.  Now, however, it looks like Feldman could be getting justice after all.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a rumored Hollywood pedophile ring after Corey Feldman filed a formal police report identifying the men he claims sexually abused him as a child.

“‘Corey Feldman filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department. There is no further information at this time, and his report is being investigated,’ a spokesperson told DaillyMail.com on Tuesday.

“Feldman revealed he had filed a report on Monday. “

While Feldman also claimed to have contacted the Santa Barbara police department in 1993 regarding these accusations, authorities there have no record of the actor “naming names” during that interview – something that Feldman says is completely false.

The degeneration of Hollywood has long been a sore point for America’s traditional values, with movies and television slipping quickly into risqué territory over the course of the last few decades.  It seems, with that moral entropy setting in, that the art is simply initiating the real life, backroom debauchery that Feldman and others are now describing.



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