Harvey Can’t Stop Radical Left as Assassination Threat Discovered

President Donald Trump has made his way to Texas in order to lend a hand in rescue and relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Of course, the radical left and their mainstream media lapdogs have taken this opportunity to further lambast the Commander in Chief, all at the expense of the victims of this horrific tragedy.  Instead of spending their time explaining how best to assist those in need in the Lone Star State, CNN and others have been alternating between blasting Trump’s response, commenting on the First Lady’s choice of footwear as she left for Houston, and harassing Harvey survivors as they attempt to feed and clothe their children in evacuee shelters.

Now, in one of the most despicable bits of leftist lunacy in recent memory, a Twitter user has threatened to assassinate the President as he arrives in Houston, prompting an intensive investigation by the Secret Service.

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“The Secret Service is investigating claims by poster on Twitter that he plans to shoot President Donald Trump at the airport in Austin, Texas where Trump recently arrived for meetings at the Texas state capital on Hurricane Harvey. The person with the account name @BummyShiii, posted photos from the airport showing Air Force One on the tarmac and said in response to someone who commented he should shoot Trump that he ‘will go down in history today’ and that he was not afraid of the Secret Service.

“When cautioned about the Secret Service by @ANAL_Reef, ‘Chill secret service Finna pull up to ur crib, they take that s**t serious,’ Bummy posted a photo of Air Force One on the tarmac and said, “’Secret services can [perform fellatio on me]’”

Classy guy.

The obviously delusional Twitter user will surely get a chance to let the Secret Service know about his outlook on their effectiveness shortly, as agents will more than likely be paying him a visit in the not-so-distant future.

Once again, the liberal left has shown us their true colors in the face of a massive humanitarian effort to save lives.

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