Harry Reid Lets GOP in on This “Little Secret” About the NRA [VIDEO]

Nevada Senator [score]Harry Reid[/score] revealed from the Senate floor a “little secret for my Republican colleagues” about the NRA. Apparently, according to Reid, the NRA doesn’t care about the GOP, nor do they care about their constituents. In addition, the gun rights organization doesn’t even care about the “constitutional rights of its followers.”

Following the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, politicians on both sides of the aisle predictably scurried to propose more gun control laws. Four such measures were introduced in the Senate with the stated purpose of strengthening existing background check rules and making it more difficult for suspected terrorists to obtain firearms. All four measures failed, much to the ire of gun control proponents such as Harry Reid.

In response to the four measures’ failing, Senator Harry Reid let his GOP colleagues in on a “little secret” about the NRA:

“Here’s a little secret for my Republican colleagues. The NRA doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care about your constituents, it doesn’t care about the constitutional rights of the followers.

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“The NRA and its leadership care about two things: making money from gun manufacturers and making money from the NRA and selling more guns. NRA wants manufacturers to be able to make more guns. Never enough. NRA wants to have more firearms sold. More guns sold means more money, more donations for their bottom line.

“During times of crisis when Americans should be coming together to find these common sense solutions – what does NRA do?  They raise every dollar they can by spreading lies and fomenting these conspiracy theories.

“The mail is out folks – go to your mailbox, direct mail is their specialty. They can circulate false direct mailers to their followers. For example, Congress is trying to take away your guns or President Obama wants to confiscate your firearms.”

Ironically, Harry Reid has accepted over $10,000 in political contributions from the NRA during his time in the Senate. The Washington Times reported that the NRA even endorsed Reid in his 2004 Senate run.

In 2010, Reid sought their endorsement, but they didn’t give it. However, they did contribute about $5,000 to his campaign. Also during his 2010 campaign, Reid made an appearance at a gun range with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

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