What Happens when a Liberal Casts Doubt on Global Warming? All Hell Breaks Loose

Not only that, but a leftist who writes for The New York Times

Bill Nye recently launched a new show on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” It kicks off its first episode on an intentionally controversial topic: global warming and climate change. Yet, in 30 minutes, he never tells us how to save the world from this so-called disaster.

The closest he comes to calling us to action is to “vote.”

Anyway, the episode’s theme is that global warming is producing rising ocean levels. He uses a neat experiment to illustrate the concept in a test tube. He goes on to show what the consequences of global warming will be, the supporting evidence that proves the theory is true, and finally how “we” can stop it.

As water heats up, it expands. If humans are responsible for global warming, then as the average global temperatures increase, the ocean levels should rise. To prove that this is actually happening, he sends his fashion-model reporter to Venice, where she reports on the rising tides. She tells us that “For over a thousand years, Venice has been known throughout the world as the city of water. But now, in an age of global warming, that water has become a big problem.”

Of course, floods in Venice go back almost 1,500 years. It’s not a new problem, for sure. Are the floods getting worse? Possibly, at the margin. Seems like it, but it’s hard to say for sure. There’s lots of uncertainty.


And that’s the point that a new writer for the New York Times made recently.

Brett Stephens penned his first-ever column for the Times on April 28, 2017. Like Nye, he, too, opened on the controversial issue of global warming. A Trump-hating Clinton-supporter, when it comes to climate change and science, he sounds just so darn reasonable…


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