More than half of Americans Under Age 30 Reject Capitalism

The results of a recent Harvard University survey confirm that more than half of American adults under age 30 reject capitalism.

“The Harvard University survey, which polled young adults between ages 18 and 29, found that 51 percent of respondents do not support capitalism,” The Washington Post reports. “Just 42 percent said they support it.”

Sadly, as the mainstream media and academia continue to promote socialism over decades, impressionable youth no longer understand the ideals of capitalism, and instead, support socialism and communism. In response to this news, Charisma News’ Michael Snyder, writes, “As older generations die off, they will eventually become the leaders of this country. And of course, our nation has not resembled anything close to a capitalist society for quite some time now.”

Because America’s youth have been raised by a new set of economic and political ideals, they many not recognize that Americans pay 97 different taxes every year, ultimately amounting to more than half of the average taxpayer’s annual income. Snyder contends,

“So at best it could be said that we are running some sort of hybrid system that isn’t as far down the road toward full-blown socialism as most European nations are. But without a doubt, we are moving in that direction, and our young people are going to be cheering every step of the way.”

Other studies have produced similar results — America is quickly, consistently transforming from capitalism into socialism.

Why do young people believe that a repeatedly failed system of government is a good thing? Research shows that governments have equated socialism with “goodwill and generosity,” and capitalism with “greed and materialism.”


Snyder writes,

“The university’s results echo recent findings from Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who surveyed 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 26 and found that 58 percent of respondents believed socialism to be the ‘more compassionate’ political system when compared to capitalism. And when participants were asked to sum up the root of America’s problem in one word, 29 percent said ‘greed.’

“This trend among our young people is very real, and you can see it in their support of [Democratic candidate Sen. [score]Bernard Sanders[/score]]. For millions upon millions of young adults in America today, Hillary Clinton is not nearly liberal enough for them. So they have flocked to Sanders, and if they had been the only ones voting in this election season, he would have won the Democratic nomination by a landslide.”

Young people consistently overlook socialism’s failures and choose the false ideology, even though they can Google its horrific reality. (May Day commemorates the 94 million killed in the 20th century by communism and socialism.)

Snyder insists,

“We are losing an entire generation of young people. These days, there is quite a lot of talk about how we need to get America back to the principles that it was founded upon, but the cold, hard reality of the matter is that most of our young people are running in the opposite direction as fast as they can.

“Surveys have found that [Americans under 30] are more than twice as likely to support gay rights and less than half as likely to regularly attend church as the oldest Americans are.

“[T]he truth is that our colleges and universities have become indoctrination centers for the progressive movement. I know because I spent eight years at public universities in this country. The quality of the education that our young people are receiving is abysmal, but the values that are being imparted to them will last a lifetime.”

But Google and access to media 24/7 has contributed to the dumbing down of Americans. A Nielson Report reveals that Americans on average spend roughly 10 hours a day consuming one form of entertainment. They:

  • Watch 4 hours, 32 minutes of live television and 30  minutes of time-shifted television,
  • Listen to the radio for 2 hours, 44 minutes,
  • Use a smartphone for 1 hour, 33 minutes,
  • Use the Internet on a computer for 1 hour, 6 minutes.

Snyder concludes, “When you allow that much ‘programming’ into your mind, it is inevitable that it is going to shape your values, and our young people are more ‘plugged in’ than any of the rest of us. So yes, I believe that it is exceedingly clear why we should be deeply concerned about the future of America. The values that are being relentlessly pounded into the heads of our young people are directly opposed to the values that this nation was founded upon, and it is these young people that will determine the path that this country ultimately takes.”

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