Hackers Strike Again: Release the Phone Numbers of Congressional Democrats!

It’s the same hacker who breached the computer systems of the Clinton Foundation, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). He goes by the moniker “Guccifer 2.0,” and following his latest data dump, Twitter suspended his account.

As part of his hack into the DCCC, he released a spreadsheet of cell phone numbers and private email addresses of most congressional Democrats. From The Smoking Gun:

The Excel file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel.

In announcing the leak of the document, “Guccifer 2.0” reported that the spreadsheet was stolen during a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach,” the hacker wrote.

Along with the Excel file, “Guccifer 2.0” also uploaded documents that included the account names and passwords for an assortment of subscription services used by the DCCC, from Lexis-Nexis to Glenn Beck’s web site (password: nutbag).


In a message today, the hacker branded the U.S. presidential elections a “farce” that is “being settled behind the scenes as it was with Bernie Sanders.” He added, “I wonder what happened to the true democracy, to the equal opportunities, the things we love the United States for. The big money bags are fighting for power today. They are lying constantly and don’t keep their word. The MSM are producing tons of propaganda, hiding the real stuff behind it. But I do believe that people have right to know what’s going on inside the election process in fact.”

“Guccifer 2.0” also invited reporters to contact him via Twitter direct message: “Dear journalists, you may send me a DM if you’re interested in exclusive materials from the DCCC, which I have plenty of.”

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In addition, The Gateway Pundit reported that part of the hack included documents from Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer.

And the hacker promises he’s got more where that came from.

While the Democrats’ dirty laundry is being laid out for all to see – or at least a tiny bit of it – the media will continue to generally ignore it and instead focus on the perpetrator who stole the information. They’ll continue to claim that this is a Russian conspiracy to get Donald Trump elected. And they’ll continue to manufacture Trump’s scandals to divert everyone’s attention away from his corrupt opponent.


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