Gun-Owning Leftists Are a Good Thing; Here’s Why

With their feeling like they are going through a zombie apocalypse, gun-owning Leftists could be a positive trend.

The idea of gun-owning Leftists may seem threatening to some, but I think it could represent a cultural turning point.

Heather Wilhelm gave me the idea at the National Review when she wrote about positive effects that the Donald Trump victory is having on Liberals.

Suddenly, left-leaning partisans — many of whom have never met a government program they didn’t like, a boatload of money they didn’t want to spend on a study determining the proper gender roles of wombats, or an “incorrect” opinion they didn’t yearn to squash in the name of “free speech” — are learning to harbor a healthy distrust of big government. Lo and behold! Merry Christmas!

Witness Ana Marie Cox, a popular progressive writer with gigs at MTV and the New York Times. “So who else has been researching basic disaster prep stuff?” she polled her Twitter audience on Wednesday. “Bc—congrats, right wingers—I do not trust the government to help anymore!” Her next tweet extended the holiday merriment to our nation’s Second Amendment enthusiasts: “Getting my rifle out of storage this week.”

Bravo! Both are fabulous ideas. I, after all, am an enthusiastic “prepper,” meaning I have stocks of canned goods, water, various walkie talkies, and books on how to survive things like parachute failures and grizzly-bear attacks stashed throughout my house. I live in Texas, so obviously I also have a gun. Or two. Or ten. Unfortunately, telling everyone you’re a prepper is not the best idea in the world, because when some sort of alien invasion or EMP attack actually does happen, those legions of un-prepped slacker friends who once made fun of you will descend upon your house and ask for all of your stuff.

It’s not just Cox. Many are apparently preparing for the worse by, among other things, making sure they have firearms.

Thus, BBC News reports,

Gun sales in America hit record levels in October amid fears a Hillary Clinton election victory would lead to increased controls.

Many expected the election of Donald Trump, whose candidacy was backed by the National Rifle Association, to bring an end to the panic buying. Shares in gun manufacturers dropped by as much as 18% following his victory.

But instead FBI background checks for gun transactions soared to a new record for a single day – 185,713 – during the Black Friday sales on 25 November, according to gun control news site The Trace.

Some of this has been put down to gun retailers selling off stock at reduced prices, but there have also been reports of more “non-traditional” buyers, such as African Americans and other minorities, turning up at gun shops and shooting ranges.

Lara Smith, national spokesperson for the Liberal Gun Club, says her organisation has seen a “huge” rise in enquiries since November’s election and a 10% increase in paid members.

Some of the new members are reluctant first-time gun owners, says Smith, concerned that isolated acts of aggression against minorities could escalate into something more violent and that a Trump administration will dismantle key constitutional rights, leading to a “more fascist rule than the US has ever had”.

Here’s the deal, Liberal hypocrisy is nothing new. Leftists suddenly spouting about checks and balances, Constitutional limits on executive power, and the dangers of war won’t mean much if they get another Liberal President. Barack Obama showed us definitively that they don’t really care about any of that. They are fine with a fascist leader if he is their tribal champion.

But owning a dangerous, powerful weapon cannot be done easily. Shelling out the money, figuring out how to store it, and if and how you should carry it confronts the new gun owner with a boatload of responsibility. They have to realize they are now taking care of themselves and are liable for anything they do with their firearms.

I think they are going to have at least eight years to adapt to this reality and become accustomed to it. They are going to become believers in the Second Amendment. I don’t think that mindset exists in isolation. Leftists are going to become more open to other elements listed in the Bill of Rights. Purchasing a gun is the opposite of relying on the federal government. Also, they are going to start to have more in common with Conservatives. This will not just be true of principles; gun-owning Leftist are going to start meeting more Conservatives and spending more time with them as they visit gun ranges and gun shows.

America may never be the same!

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