Guess Whose Name These ‘Refugees’ Are Chanting? [VIDEO]

Europe is so doomed. With European leaders opening the floodgates to allow Muslim “refugees” to swarm virtually unfettered into European Union countries, it’s been a nonstop parade of barbarity for the past couple of years.

From public mass rapes to outright terrorist attacks, European Muslims have been working double time to prove what a “religion of peace” theirs is.

Even Pope Francis has stupidly overlooked actual Christian refugees to invite Muslim families to come stay at the Vatican as his guests.

Can’t wait to see that bomb go off.

And no, I don’t actually wish harm to the Pope or anyone at the Vatican. Actually, I’m torn in regards to the Pope’s taking in the Muslim families whether this action should be regarded as a moral lesson, as extreme naivete, or as a pilot for a sitcom. …

It’s been noted by many critics at this point that the “refugees” that are flooding Europe have more earmarks of an invasion force than a ragtag band of victims fleeing injustice. The dearth of women among large groups of the Muslim refugees is only the first clue. (Le Figaro has reported that on at least one overcrowded refugee boat, girls were thrown overboard during the sea voyage. CNN reported the same happened to some Christians. It also happened to Somalian refugees coming from Greece to Italy.)

It’s the little things like throwing back food and water in the faces of volunteers because it’s not halal, and gang raping women and little boys (and videotaping it), that really tip the scales against the Muslim wave being a genuine humanitarian crisis.

Now a video has emerged of another group of Muslim “refugees” in Germany “protesting.” It’s not clear what they’re protesting, but they’ve evidently got a lot to say:

In case you missed it, that was “Death to Jews” followed by chants of “Adolf Hitler! Adolf Hitler!” complete with Nazi salute, followed by “Allahu ackbar.” And before anyone says, oh, well, it’s just a few guys, so nothing to worry about, did you see anyone in the Muslim group along that railing turn and say, “Geez, guys, that was really uncool to say those things”? No? I didn’t, either.

European leaders want to let a million more of these clowns in this year, and our own Glorious Leader, Barack “Named After Mohammed’s Horse” Obama wants the same for this country.

Imagine how things might be if Islam was not a religion of peace.

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