Guess Who’s Manipulating Climate Data?

If you haven’t yet realized what a monumental scam the whole global warming scare is, some new revelations about the federal government’s manipulation of climate data should clarify things for you.

For those who have been paying attention to the various scandals among the warmistas, we’ve already seen that NASA has fudged data to the point that they’ve turned a cooling trend into global warming.

Then there is the NOAA, which overestimated warming by 50 percent, according to a recent study.

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That’s all in addition to things like Climategate, Climategate 2.0polar bears thriving, fossil fuels causing local cooling (whoops), and the Earth getting greener (but now that’s a bad thing).

Now comes word that the National Snow and Ice Data Center has been changing the data on the polar ice caps to make it look like they’re melting.

Apparently, the NSIDC issued a new map showing that five-year ice at the poles is at its lowest level on record. To accompany their press release, they allegedly deleted previous maps from their website. They also block Internet bots from archiving their site so the original data cannot be easily recalled.

Unfortunately for the NSIDC, their previous maps got around, and some sharp-eyed climate follower found the old data and forwarded it to Steven Goddard at the Real Science website.

2016-04-22070659Goddard, one of the archenemies of the global warming crowd, compared the old and new data and found that the NSIDC had “disappeared” much of the multiyear ice coverage and added to the younger ice data.

Goddard’s chart is at left. Blue is what the data should have said, orange is what the NSIDC published. See Goddard’s site for other maps and charts.

So at least three government agencies are churning out phony data to show man-made global warming, major scientists working in cooperation with the government are fudging data, and Obama and other world leaders are hot to pass reams of new laws to “save the planet.”

Anyone can continue ignoring the man behind the curtain if they choose.

But the only hot air people should be worried about is coming out of Washington.


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