Guess Which GOP Candidate This Predominately Arab-American City Voted For?

Because it is known as a predominately Arab-American city, how Dearborn, Michigan voted may surprise you.

The fact that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders showed strength in the rust belt doesn’t tell us how Dearborn, Michigan, voted. The predominantly Arab American and Muslim city wouldn’t be the same demographic in that state as the “angry, white males” to which the media attributes their popularity.

Bernie Sanders is Jewish and Donald Trump is supposedly hated by all Muslims because he wants to halt immigration until security concerns are dealt with.

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In fact, this video is from three days ago before the primary.

So you would expect Trump to lose in Dearborn.

But he didn’t. Of those who participated in the Republican primary, a clear majority voted for Trump.

According to the Arab American News,

On the Republican side, Trump received 3,196 votes. Ohio Governor John Kasich was second with 2,447.

For Democrats, Sanders bested Hillary Clinton, 7,258 to 4,837 votes.

Maybe the way Dearborn, Michigan, voted shouldn’t be so surprising. If you are a second-generation Arab American, how would you feel about a wave of refugees, some small number of whom might commit terrorist attacks in the name of your religion? You would probably be frightened. A candidate who proposed pausing immigration until the security concerns were fulfilled and those granted asylum were properly vetted might be someone you would vote for.

After all, it is kind of racist to assume that an Arab American must favor all Muslim refugees with no concern if some of those refugees might be criminals, ISIS sympathizers, or even outright terrorists. People who have come to America and prospered don’t want to see the country that protects them to cease doing so.

So while I can’t say I fully understand the appeal of Donald Trump to any voter, the assumption that he must be repulsive to Arab-Americans or any other ethnic group is exaggerated, at least.

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