Guess What Has Happened to AR-15 Sales Since Orlando Shooting [VIDEO]

Every mass shooting elicits calls from the left to enact more restrictions on firearms in a stated effort to keep guns out of the “wrong hands.” However, mass shootings also lead people to stock up on weaponry, partially out of concern for new gun control laws, but also for self-defense purposes. While the media and gun control proponents attempt to stigmatize semi-automatic rifles, Fox Business reports that AR-15 sales have shot up.

While gun sales are on the rise everywhere, one such gun store in Smyrna, Georgia is reporting that their AR-15 sales have “really kicked up,” selling over 15 per hour. From Fox Business:

Adventure Outdoors Owner Jay Wallace told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney that sales of AR-15s and other firearms have “really kicked up” since Sunday.


Wallace claimed that he has sold more than 15 AR-15’s per hour and may know the reasons as to why there is such a rise in sales.

“[People] are afraid that the government is going to take [guns] away and there are folks that are in fear because of the times that we are living in today and those are two big reasons,” he said.

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According to Mint Press News, major gun manufacturers saw rising stock prices:

Shares in America’s largest gun manufacturers jumped after the Orlando massacre in anticipation of a rush to buy weapons ahead of a possible crackdown on firearms ownership.

As the worst mass shooting in US history drove debate in the US over weapon controls, two companies were enjoying a good day on the stock market.

Sturm Ruger & Co. jumped $4.88 (£3.46), or 8.5 per cent, on Monday to $62.29 (£44.08) in its largest one-day gain in more than a year, while Smith & Wesson rose $1.47 (£1), or 6.9 per cent, to $22.88 (£16.19).

The media will have an especially difficult time dealing with reports that gun sales in the LGBT community have also skyrocketed.

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