Trump Protestors

Look What These Un-American Protestors Did To Shut Down A Trump Event in L.A.

It is not a bad thing to dislike a candidate for president. We are not all going to agree who would make a good leader of our nation. We cannot decide what our country needs to do going forward; we should not be surprised that some strongly dislike this or that candidate.

To be perfectly honest, I have not found a candidate from either party that I could in good conscience give my vote. And I do not buy either of the establishment’s lines to make me choose one of the two that they put up.

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To choose the lesser of two evils is still to choose evil. As a Christian, I must answer to God. This means that if I choose the one that is going to do less harm to our country or allow less evil than the next guy, I will one day give an account for my weakness and fear.

The other lie is that if I vote for anyone other than the Republican, I am voting for Hillary, Obama, or any other nut that the Democrats are backing. This simply is not true. Though me not voting for Mitt Romney did not help him, it was not a vote for Obama.

With all this said, I find that it is very disturbing to hear that one would so oppose a candidate that they would support and promote a foreign country over this one. And this is exactly what anti-Trump activists have done.

Breitbart reports

An anti-Donald Trump rally flew Mexican flags from cars and trucks on Sunday as it rolled through the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, local Fox affiliate KTTV reports.

The Mexican flag was also flown at an anti-Trump protest in Chicago on Friday, after demonstrators succeeded in shutting down a planned Trump rally. The campaign canceled the event after consulting with law enforcement.


“We stopped Trump!” demonstrators shouted in Chicago.

These people are not concerned about America. They seem to have little interest in being Americans. They wish to take what has been built through years of American toil and bloodshed.

This will lead to the death of our great nation.

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