Guess Who Jesse Jackson is Blaming for the Dallas Shootings?

A demonstration turned deadly in Dallas, Texas, and so far, five cops ended up murdered, and many others wounded. The sniper reportedly wanted to kill white people, especially, white cops.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is of course not letting this crisis in Dallas go to waste. He’s blaming the shooting partly on Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Jackson had this to say on the mass shooting:

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“It’s a kind of anti-black mood, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bashing, immigrant bashing, female bashing, a kind of mean-spirited division in the country.”

“Anti-black?” I understand that there are many people with prejudices against people simply because they have black skin. But this mass murder in Dallas didn’t stem from an “anti-black” mood. In fact, the shooter was pretty clear about his intentions and what he was in the “mood” for. He said he wanted to “kill white people.” That doesn’t sound “anti-black,” does it? It sounds more like anti-white. The Reverend continued, tying the mass murders to Donald Trump:

“Threats to deport 15 million immigrants…threats to build a wall between Mexico who we share 2,000 miles of a border, there’s a permissiveness towards black people [which] is readily apparent and we have been used as scape goats for deeper and deeper economic and cultural fears.”

“Threats to deport,” “threats to build a wall…” sound familiar? He’s talking about Donald Trump. Yes, this is Donald Trump’s fault. But not only Trump’s fault:

“It’s not just Trump, it’s the followers of Trump.

“The blacks, the browns, the Muslims – we’ve been losing rights in the cause of globalization. There is a scapegoating of those who are suffering.”

It’s almost as if Jackson is sympathizing with the murderous actions of those involved in the Dallas murders. Instead of denouncing their actions, he’s offering excuses, fanning the flames of racial tension. He’s the one at work dividing people, not Donald Trump.


Reposted with Permission from Eagle Rising.

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