OUTRAGE: Fourth Graders Shown This Book at Oregon Elementary School

When is it appropriate or needful to teach a child about sex? Is thirteen too late? Is twelve too early? Should anyone besides parents be teaching this subject at all? These and other uncomfortable questions are being dealt with in Oregon.

The reason is the discovery by some fourth graders of a book on the topic.

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Fox News reports

A sex education book full of illustrations depicting sexual acts has ignited a controversy after it was left at an Oregon elementary school library, according to a report late Thursday.
The principal at Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier admitted in a letter to parents Thursday that the book was inappropriately shown to fourth-graders in the library recently, Fox 12 Oregon reported. Angry parents were told the book had been pulled from shelves.

The question is, why is the book there in the first place? The explanation was that the book was used for sex-ed. The sixth-grade class is currently going through the course, and it was left behind by one of those students. It was subsequently read by several fourth-graders.

But is this book something that is appropriate for sixth-graders?

Fox continues

The book in question, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” explains bodies, sex, and sexual health, the station reported.
The illustrations in the book include pages of naked teens and adults, some depicting sex acts and even masturbation, the station reported.

But, this is not normal. In fact, there is nothing normal about it. Not only should these issues be handled by parents instead of teachers, but there should also be outrage at the illustrations demonstrating sexual acts to children who have no business doing these things to each other or themselves.

The books have been removed from the shelves, but will continue to be used by the classes. The state has already approved the book for children over ten. This means that it will be hidden away until the child is deemed old enough.

But what is the difference between this book and Playboy or Penthouse? Is it not that one is pictures of real people having sex, and this book is a cartoon? Which only makes sex more appealing to their immature minds?

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