Yet Another Group Is Outraged Over Ridiculous Claims of Discrimination

There is nothing worse than feeling as though you have been belittled or marginalized. You feel taken advantage of or disapproved of simply for being. But, we have to recognize that there are times when we feel this way, and it is not actually the case.

We find that if we discuss the issue with those involved, there was no ill-intent. There are also times that we are just too sensitive. We find any and every opportunity to twist the facts to fit our feelings and soon the entire world is out to get us. And this is becoming the case with some feminists.

Breitbart reports

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Students at the University of California, Merced, have been confronted this week by a display on campus that demands free tampons and other feminine hygiene products.

After universities like the University of Minnesota, the University of Nebraska, and Columbia University have made plans to provide free tampons in restrooms to their female students, students at UC Merced are now demanding similar treatment. In order to bring awareness to their message, they constructed a display in one of the busiest student corridors on campus made of a dozen tampons and fake blood.

This protest and the demand for someone else to pay for these products stems from the fact that women seem to pay a higher price for products than do men. I have to say that this is not new to my wife or me. We have been having this discussion for years.

This price increase for women is at the root of jacked up truck pricing. Women started driving trucks, and now they cost almost as much as luxury vehicles. And the opposite is not true for skinny jeans.

But, does this mean that the citizens of any other state or I should have to purchase these products for these students? Is it not bad enough that my wife and I are buying hers and my daughter’s?

What these poor girls have failed to realize or care about is the fact that someone has to buy these products for them. And this does not fix the discrimination; it only make men like myself pay for being a man. Is this not the same style of discrimination that these ladies are trying to abolish?

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