Find Out Which Two Candidates Are Most Popular With The Troops

Here’s a hint: the one running on national security is least popular with the troops.

While the Military Times poll was not scientific, some people are going to be surprised by which Presidential candidates were most popular with the troops in the several branches of the Armed Services.

Donald Trump not only took Florida last night, but he seems to be the most popular candidate for our soldiers. The second most popular is Bernie Sanders. Trump was favored by 27 percent or respondents and Sanders by 22 percent. Almost half of our troops favored outsiders.

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The data suggest that military personnel have not been dissuaded by political rivals who contend Trump and Sanders have weak foreign policy credentials and don’t have recognized experts as national security advisers.

Nearly half of the service members surveyed also said they were unhappy with the discussion of national security issues in the presidential race so far. Fewer than 5 percent were “very satisfied” with how the topic has been broached.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who has made national security issues one of the centerpieces of his campaign, was nearly last in the Military Times survey, with only about 9 percent of candidates favoring him.

The article understates the significance of the Trump support.

Donald Trump attacked Jeb Bush on national television claiming his brother was wrong to lead an invasion of Iraq and lied to get the country to acquiesce to it. Amazingly, at least according to the conventional wisdom, he then was swept to Republican victory by South Carolina voters. This Military Times survey shows a similar trend. It seems our military don’t care to be used in massive overseas operations that don’t make the homeland any safer. So the tend to like Trump but not favor Marco Rubio.

Bernie Sanders’ reputation of not being a warmonger is rather overblown. But among Democrats, when we look at the record of Hillary Clinton in Libya and Syria, it is easy to see why Sanders would be more popular with the troops.

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