SHOCKING: You Won’t Believe Which Candidate Charles Koch Is Talking Up [VIDEO]

When asked about this candidate, Charles Koch doesn’t quite give an endorsement… but almost.

The candidate Charles Koch might find preferable to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz isn’t John Kasich.

The Associated Press reports,

Billionaire Charles Koch says he doesn’t anticipate spending money on supporting or opposing the Republican presidential nominee — and he’s leaving open the prospect that Hillary Clinton might be preferable to anyone currently seeking the GOP nod.

He says the candidate has to be liked as much as Ronald Reagan and “compete on making the country better” rather than tearing down opponents. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, he said on ABC’s “This week,” ”are terrible role models.” He denies giving money to efforts to oppose Trump.

Koch also said “it’s possible” that Hillary Clinton would be better than a Republican. But he says that he’d “have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric.”

It is no surprise that Koch would prefer a debt-splurging, big-government candidate like Hillary Clinton because he is likely to increase his fortune. It is old news that many in the Republican donor class who invested in Jeb Bush have also been supporting Hillary Clinton. I can even imagine a somewhat sympathetic rationale for this behavior. Big businessmen who don’t pay off politicians will soon find themselves at the business end of government. So if it looks like Clinton is going to be the next president, it makes economic sense for rich people to adjust their donations and their public statements in a way that will make her happy.

(This is why Trump supporters don’t think much about Trump’s past statements praising Hillary Clinton. A New York businessman can’t afford to anger a New York Senator.)

But there’s no excuse for calling the Republicans “terrible role models” for tearing down each other. Koch is doing exactly the same thing, tearing them down. And Hillary plays the same game.

I don’t begrudge you your fortune, but spare us your sanctimony, Chuck!

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