Guess What Bulb Was More Valuable than Gold in the Netherlands for Decades?

Believe it or not, tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in the Netherlands during the 17th century.

Tulips are the national symbol of the Netherlands for a reason. Tulips were once so rare (because their bulbs could only grow in a certain climate) and their supply was incredibly limited, that the demand for their bulbs was so great that their worth became more valuable than gold.

First, popular tulip bulbs were traded using secured bonds, which created a “tulip craze” from speculation. As a result, prices exploded and each bulb could fetch 10,000 euros. At that time 10,000 euros bought a mansion next to the canal. Later on, the tulip craze simply evolved into what became a worldwide tulip trade.

Bethany Blankley

Bethany Blankley is a political analyst for Fox News Radio and has appeared on television and radio programs nationwide. She writes about political, cultural, and religious issues in America from the perspective of an evangelical and former communications staffer. She was a communications strategist for four U.S. Senators, one U.S. Congressman, a former New York governor, and several non-profits. She earned her MA in Theology from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland and her BA in Political Science from the University of Maryland. Follow her @bethanyblankley &

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