The Grassroots Internet Response to CNN’s Trump Complaints

from Twitter

Millions of people across the planet are starting to see the mainstream media for the biased propagandists that they really are.

Many of those people have now taken to the Internet to mock CNN’s thin skin, and to troll them for their willingness to stoop to the depths that they recently have.

Below here you’ll find an amazing collection of grassroots digital magic that shows President Trump “winning” and CNN as the “losers” the President says they are.

Mixed in you’ll find a few videos explaining the situation and how CNN could fall so far so fast, and near the end we’ve gathered a couple of videos that list out CNN’s many advertisers.

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Vive la memelution! from The_Donald

Just in case you’re looking for a list of CNN sponsors to boycott, there is a list for that now: 🇺🇸

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