Grandma Gives Burglars A Scare They’ll Never Forget

How often we are told that we do not need firearms.  If we wish to have protection for criminals, we should call the police.  Well, one grandmother in Florida has shown why this is not true.

Breitbart reports

An armed grandma who confronted three suspects in her home said, “I decided that it’s either them or me.”

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According to CBS 12, a suspect began “banging” on the grandma’s door and ringing her doorbell around 12:45 pm. Through the peephole she saw the suspect leave and return with “a T-shirt over his head” and she noticed he was “putting on gloves.”

The grandma immediately moved toward her bedroom to retrieve her handgun and, as she did, the sound of breaking glass filled the house. She said, “It was really scary,” and added, “I decided that it’s either them or me, you know. I had to save my life.”

Now at this point, as the men are illegally entering the house, the Liberal would tell her to call the police.  Call 911, and wait for the cops to get there and save you.  But how long would she have to wait?  It does not appear that she had that much time.

Breitbart continued

The grandma stood inside her bedroom with the gun raised and trained on the doorway. She said it wasn’t long until “one of them came to the door here and opened it and when he did I had the gun in his face.”

Grandma called them children from an unwed mother and told them she was going kill them.  They immediately ran for the door.  They did not wait to see if she was really going to shoot them or not.  They left.

Now, thanks to the Grandma’s firearm, no one was hurt, and no theft occurred.  The only thing left to do is find the three thieves and fix the broken glass.

Thank God for the 2nd amendment.


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