Governor Nathan Deal Calls for Democrat Reinforcements

A few weeks back we reported on how Governor Nathan Deal is abusing his office to purge local control from public schools.

Governor Nathan Deal was counting on low information Republican Voters with a deceptive ballot question.  Unfortunately, the truth is coming out about Deal’s intentions. In true form, he’s using deception once again in the form of Democrat tactics and talking points.

Gov. Nathan Deal has now graduated from merely advocating for Opportunity School Districts (OSD) to using inflammatory, controversial and thinly-veiled racist statements to justify the implementation of the OSD.

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This week Deal said in “many, many cases” people living in failing school districts “don’t have anything worth stealing.” Deal, according to WABE, warned attendees at an engineering association lunch at the Commerce Club in Atlanta that criminals living in those school districts “go where people have nice cars, nice homes, things that are worth a criminal’s attention.”Deal’s message is that dropouts from so-called “failing” schools will invade wealthy neighborhoods.

Governor Nathan Deal is counting on Republican voters to not read between the lines on his Opportunity School Districts.

There are many democrats opposing Nathan Deal because that’s what they do. Predictably, they oppose Republicans. Low information Republican voters see this and automatically side with Governor Nathan Deal. The truth is, real opposition is coming from Georgia conservatives who have fought Governor Nathan Deal on his power grab attempts. Governor Nathan Deal is trying to create confusion in the electorate.   He’s lumping people together and labeling them. Deal won’t listen to taxpayers. Taxpayers don’t want elected school boards nullified. In conclusion, Voters don’t want royal edicts when it comes to education. Governor Nathan Deal is circumventing decisions made at the hands of local elected officials. That’s the big issue.

Conservative activist and Georgia educator Jeremy Spencer joins me to discuss Nathan Deal and his democrat reinforcements.

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