Governor Mike Pence says He’ll Help Pick Trump’s Supreme Court Selections

Indiana Governor and Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate Mike Pence (R-IN) was a guest on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, where he spent about 20 minutes talking about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the state of the race.

Governor Pence did great work on the show, unmasking the many, many weaknesses of Hillary Clinton as a political leader. Pence showed his solid grasp of the political issues and particularly of his grasp on the importance of our national security. He also seems to have a solid grasp of the centrality of the Constitution in the decision making process that a President goes through.

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I believe the most important part of the interview was this back and forth on how Mr. Trump would go about choosing new Supreme Court justices:

Hugh Hewitt: The 1st and 2nd Amendment, will you have a role in judge picking? Are you confident, this is so important for the NeverTrump crowd to hear, are you confident that he will put originalist in the mold of Scalia and Alito, and I say Chief Justice Roberts? A lot of my colleagues don’t like it. You’ve got one minute left. Are you confident, Mike Pence?

Governor Mike Pence: I am absolutely confident that Donald Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices in the tradition of the late and great Justice Antonin Scalia. And we were together at a public event the other day, and I’ll just say he made a point at a town hall meeting to say that I would be involved in that publicly. But we have talked extensively about that. And I think Donald Trump understands the enormous importance of the next president of the United States’ role in appointing up to two to three justices to the Supreme Court. And I tell people for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the sanctity of life, for the sake of the 2nd Amendment, for the president to appoint justices to the Supreme Court must be a President Donald Trump.


Pence repeatedly praises Mr. Trump’s willingness to say what everyone else is actually thinking, but it strikes me that even with an ally like Hewitt… Pence is forced to do a lot of explaining for Trump. That does not bode well for the future of the campaign, because very soon Mr. Trump will be forced to do his own explaining in front of huge national audiences, while the trained debater Hillary Clinton is pouncing on all of his mistakes.

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