North Korea

Governor of Guam Ready to “Punch Pyongyang in The Nose”

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions won’t be fading away anytime soon, and the latest target of Kim Jong Un’s tirades has been the tiny island of Guam.

Thanks to a U.S. military presence on the island, Guam’s proximity to North Korea has made for a prime target for Kim, whose missile technology has looked far more promising than usual in recent weeks.  This isn’t to say that Kim Jong Un hasn’t gotten lucky with his last two missile tests, given the abject failures of his previous incarnations of rockets, but Guam is a far more manageable target for an angry and desperate dictator who has only successfully overseen two ballistic missile launches capable of reaching across the Pacific.

Now, as Guam’s leadership continues to shrug off the threats of the wildly maniacal Kim, the governor of the U.S. territory has responded.  His message to the world:  Thank God for Donald Trump and North Korea should get a “punch in the nose”.

“Guam’s leader said Monday that ‘sometimes a bully can only be stopped with a punch in the nose’, in a spirited defence of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric against North Korea which has the island in its crosshairs.

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“‘Everyone who grew up in the schoolyard in elementary school, we understand a bully,’ Calvo told AFP.

“‘(North Korean leader) Kim Jong-Un is a bully with some very strong weapons… a bully has to be countered very strongly.’

“He said North Korea had threatened Guam — a US territory which hosts two large military bases and is home to more than 6,000 military personnel — at least three times since 2013.

“Trump has responded by threatening ‘fire and fury’, warning last week that the US military was ‘locked and loaded’ to respond to any aggression.

“‘President Trump is not your conventional elected leader, what he says and how he says it is a lot different from what was said by previous presidents,’ Calvo said.

“But he pointed out previous presidents had also used strong words to warn off Pyongyang, including Barack Obama who said last year that ‘we could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals’.”

Calvo’s tough talk mimics much of what Donald Trump has suggested in terms of dealing with North Korea.

There is much trepidation in the international community, however, as Kim Jong Un’s lunacy has been directing much of the global conversation regarding the U.S. military options in the region.  The tiny, reclusive nation certainly has a plan in place should Kim be swiftly deposed or assassinated, likely involving missile strikes to close-proximity targets such as Seoul, South Korea or Japan.  Guam could certainly find themselves on that short list as well, making the possibility of a SEAL Team Six-style action unlikely to provide the safest option.


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