Government Wants Helpless Citizens When Terrorists Attack

The government wants helpless citizens in order to magnify their power over their people.

While this story is from Germany, it reveals the almost universal truth that the government wants helpless citizens.

During the Munich sniper terrorist attack, one man, Thomas Salbey, stood up against the terrorist, David Sonboly.

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According to Breitbart London,

During the attack, as Sonboly took shelter in a carpark above a mall, moments after gunning down nine people and injuring 16 others, Mr. Salbey threw a bottle at him to try to stall him.

The two argued, with Mr. Salbey repeatedly calling Sonboly a “wanker” and asking “what the f— you think you’re doing?”

Sonboly claimed: “Because of you I was bullied for 7 years and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you.”

Mr. Salbey replied: “A gun? F— off”.

The gunman later committed suicide by shooting himself, about a kilometre away from the site of the attack.

Sonboly fired shots at Salbey but missed.

The German government won’t miss.

The Munich prosecutor has announced hewill probably prosecute Salbey for libel for comments he made to the terrorist.


One small lesson here is that Germany has always been a totalitarian regime where no one has a right to free speech. Remember, this is the same country where a comedian is prosecuted for insulting the ruler of Turkey because that ruler demanded it. The term, “the free world,” is largely designed to obscure the true state of affairs in Europe.

But attacking a hero who risked his life is far worse. I suppose they’ll eventually add littering to his charges since he threw a beer bottle.

A man opposed a sniper with a beer bottle and the tyrants want to punish him?

But is this really any different than Barack Obama responding to the Orlando nightclub shooting by trying to further whittle away at the Second Amendment?

The basic strategy is the same. The government wants helpless citizens.

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