Government Shutdown Looms While Trump Prods “Chuck and Nancy”

There have been no shortage of conflicts between President Trump and the obstruction-centric democrats over the course of the last year.

Donald Trump’s incredible economic success, colloquially dubbed “The Trump Effect”, has been putting cold hard cash back into the pockets of Americans across the nation as evidenced by the record shattering consumer confidence rates that we’ve experience during his fledgling presidency.  That fantastic reality unfortunately doesn’t relate to the government’s financial situation, however, and a showdown is looming.

The democrats, who have been obstructionists incarnate since January, are not even attempting to play nice with the President, despite the nation’s overwhelming support for the businessman-turned-politician.  Now, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are playing the role of anti-Trump stalwarts who would rather see the government shut down on Saturday than give an inch to the already successful Commander in Chief.

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And Trump isn’t having it.

“U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer will join Trump and Republican congressional leaders for talks after canceling a similarly planned meeting last week when the president posted a disparaging note about them on Twitter.

“Trump and Congress are facing a deadline of midnight Friday to pass new spending legislation. If they cannot agree on the terms, parts of the federal government could shut down.

“Talks with Schumer and Pelosi, whom Trump has referred to as ‘Chuck and Nancy,’ could be the start of a protracted blame game. The Republican president said on Wednesday that Democrats were looking at something  ‘very dangerous’ for the United States: ‘They are looking at shutting down.’

“Pelosi responded in a tweet that Trump was the only person talking about such a scenario.

“’Democrats are hopeful the president will be open to an agreement to address the urgent needs of the American people and keep government open,’ she wrote. “

Trump’s meeting with the leaders of the doomed democratic party is set to take place at 3pm today.

Government shutdowns have been nothing out of the ordinary in our modern political era thanks to the hyper partisan rhetoric of the radical left.  These bratty and despicable democrats refuse to allow the nation’s leaders to function freely in Washington D.C. without running liberal interference at all times.  Should our government be forced to shut down after even more obstruction this weekend, only Chuck and Nancy will be to blame.

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