Government Schools Are Teaching Your Kids to Hate You

By Peter Scaer

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My Greatest Fear: Christ tells us to be of good courage. Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who endures to the end will be saved. Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age. And so it is, we have good reason to rejoice, come what may.

But then, I thought of the words of a Christian journalist, who said that his greatest fear in life is that his own children would grow up to hate him. He was referring, as you might guess, to the onslaught of the radical Left and the LGBT push against all that is Christian. For how many years have our children been indoctrinated with the Left’s gender agenda? How many tv shows? How many parades, youtube videos, movies, comedians, late night talk show hosts have undermined the Christian message, painting Christian teaching as hate speech?

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Maybe the homseschoolers were the canary in the coal mine. It seemed strange to us that they would so readily abandon polite society, exit our schools, and turn off their tv’s. I’ve never been numbered among them, but they were onto to something. Our culture is far from neutral, and now the gears of our government are grinding against us. My guess is, there is no escape from the coming deluge, but we are right to think of protecting our children first.

So, what do we do? As parents? As adults. First and foremost, we remember the truth we were taught, or at least the truth that is still taught to us in the scriptures, and in nature itself. It does neither us nor our children any favors to pretend it away.

For far too long, ever since the 60’s I suppose, we have created this myth that children lead the way, and that young people, because they are the wave of the future, have some sort of wisdom that we would do well to follow, lest we get swept away. On the contrary, it is high time for parents and grandparents to draw more deeply from the wells of ancient wisdom, to speak to their children words of truth, and, when necessary, rebuke.

So many have ceded their rights, their moral authority, to the world around us. But, if we know the truth, we are honor bound to share it, to instruct, lead, and instill it in our children. This means choosing a good, solid church, and taking our children there every Sunday. This means letting our children know what’s at stake, that it profits a person nothing if he gains the world and loses his soul. This means, reminding them of Jesus’ love, and his ongoing presence in the eucharist. Faithfulness breeds faithfulness. Pray and act not for your children’s earthly success, but for their eternal souls, that they and you may rejoice forever in the presence of the the One who is love. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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