The Government Should Focus Less On Islamophobia And More On Killing ISIS.

Hi, I’m a Muslim-American who enjoys small puppies and California sunsets. Why do you hate me, you racist pig?”

That may as well be the question we hear every time a Republican is within 10 feet of a microphone. The most recent episode of ‘America Is Islamaphobic’ came during the second presidential debate between Trump and Clinton.

I have been critical of Trump for many things, policy and behavior alike, but his foreign policy positions against ISIS and radical Islam have been spot on. The idea that the Constitution requires America to surrender our security and liberty to foreign terrorists in the name of tolerance is a flat out lie.

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We can and we should end the refugee program from countries that are currently religious war zones. We can and we should acknowledge that, while of course not all Muslims are terrorists, Islam is currently the single greatest inspiration for violence in the world. During the Obama administration radical Islam has grown to a threat level that will require much more than hashtags and French flag backdrops to address.

It will certainly require much more than anything Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party would possibly be willing and able to do.

Predictably, the progressive left’s response to our insistence that we confront radical Islamic terrorism is that we’re just being Islamaphobic. They claim Islamaphobia – a political term coined to defend jihadists – is on the rise and deterring it should be a top priority of government. In order to be perceived as loving and tolerant Americans, we’re to accept this premise with glee and welcome with open arms tens of thousands of refugees with unknown backgrounds from countries that are currently burning Christians alive on a daily basis. And let them vote. And get food stamps. And free healthcare. But mostly vote.

Honestly, I’m tired of arguing against this stupidity because no one stirring the pot is being honest. It just plays right into their hands. The ruling class pushing the ‘Islamophobia’ narrative doesn’t honestly believe their own garbage. It’s their way of controlling the narrative when ISIS throws their latest disturbingly creative execution on the internet, making the US look weak and foolish. Look, squirrel! The media wags its tail and chases the ball.

As a simple dad working a job and taking care of my family, I have limited control over this horrendous situation, one that directly and personally affects me and my family.

I will support Trump. I hope and pray he defeats Hillary and we can shift our focus from resisting communism to supporting liberty, security, and conservatism. I’m afraid that many great conservative voices have surrendered their influence by flying the Never Trump flag.

I will continue to make the case against the lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party. Trump is far from a conservative savior, but I have no doubt his administration will be better for America simply by replacing an ongoing effort to strategically undermine America with a sincere effort to promote it.

I will prepare for what’s next, be it either a President Clinton or President Trump. Neither one will be around to protect and defend my family should the need arise.

What the government should do, the ones with a military and billions in spending power, is define our enemy as radical Islamic terrorists who wage jihad and kill every single one as quickly as possible. But they won’t do that, and it won’t change if we don’t rid ourselves of our weak, feckless ruling class. They’ll continue their willful blindness, choosing to chastise us while ISIS, Al-Qaida, the Taliban, and the rest of the savage pukes all wage war on anyone who isn’t on their side. That includes Muslim-Americans who ask stupid questions about ‘-phobias’ that don’t matter and largely don’t exist.

The question asked at debates by Muslim-Americans ought to be more like “What is your plan to destroy ISIS so I can practice my faith without fearing execution for failure to submit?

We have to get serious, folks.

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