The Government Is Claiming Obamacare Failures as Successes

Reports of more Obamacare failure are spun by the government, aided and abetted by the media.

Just when you think that it could get no worse, The Hill reports on more Obamacare failure.

ObamaCare enrollment dropped to about 11.1 million people at the end of March, according to new figures released by the administration.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said enrollment fell to about 11.1 million, down from the 12.7 million who signed up for coverage before the Jan. 31 deadline.

But the Hill never reports this as a failure.

A dropoff was expected, and has occurred in previous years as well, given that some people who sign up do not pay their premiums.

So rather than ask why “the Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable to 1.5 million enrollees who tried and failed to escape the penalty for being uninsured, the story tells us that there is nothing new here.

The story continues covering for Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office had at one point projected that 2016 enrollment would be as high as 21 million people. ObamaCare critics have pointed to this disparity between projections and actuality to argue that the law is underperforming.

The administration counters that fewer employers than expected have dropped their coverage and shifted people into the marketplaces.

Still, officials acknowledge that the remaining uninsured will be hard to reach.

Notice that the claim about employers has nothing to do with the dropped coverage. If the employers were expected to drop coverage the reason they may be trying not to do so is because the marketplaces are failing so badly. The people who enrolled in Obamacare and then couldn’t afford the payments were obviously not getting insurance through their employers.

Meanwhile, the projections of the Congressional Budget Office that were used to claim that Obamacare would be sustainable were double what actually happened.

Hillary Clinton promises to extend and preserve this rip-off. Donald Trump says he will abolish it.

This is yet another report of more Obamacare failure and the media continues to support it. They even allow the government to claim failure as success. As ZeroHedge noted on the Hill’s report,

Kevin Counihan, the CEO of the Obamacare marketplaces, said the fact that about a million more people are signed up than at a similar point last year (11.1 million compared to 10.2 million) is a sign of success. We suspect Kevin is conveniently forgetting the fact that the CBO had projected that 2016 enrollment would be as high as 21 million people – but perhaps missing projections by nearly half is a sign of success in the government’s eyes.

The Hill acknowledged the CBO projection, but doesn’t use it to show that Counihan’s claim is insane.

If so many dropped out this year, what do you think will happen next year when Obamacare premiums spike again?


Joe Scudder

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