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Gore’s Propaganda Piece Pulls Paltry Profits on Opening Weekend

It seems as though Al Gore’s shamanistic maligning of climate data has finally run its course in America.

As true science continues to tear apart the fabricated and perverted data extorted by leftist climate change fraudsters, the former Vice President who kicked off the entire eco-justice fad is facing serious box office backlash.

Gore, whose first film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, was nothing more than an infomercial for his own carbon credits company, made a fortune both in movie profits and with the eco-guilt he created funneling liberal dollars into his own faux-solution.  It was as if someone was coercing you to send money to Black Lives Matter every time you watched a movie that portrays American slavery, and then BLM funneled that money back into slavery movies.  “An Inconvenient Truth” was, for lack of a more sophisticated moniker, a sham.

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That didn’t stop Gore from pressing onward with his plans for a sequel to his first propaganda piece, however.  After its first weekend in theaters, “An Inconvenient Sequel” came in an abysmal 15th place in the U.S. box office, sending Gore’s fanboys to the blame box to find an excuse for its utter failure.  What they’ve settled on is pointing fingers at Paramount Pictures instead of acquiescing to the truth of the matter:  That their revolution is over.

“Gore’s defenders have been quick to blame Paramount Pictures for the dismal performance of Gore’s sequel. ‘Al Gore Gets Ripped Off Again,’ screamed the headline of D.R. Tucker in Washington Monthly

“’This was not supposed to happen,’ Tucker wrote, adding, ‘he should have demanded a recount.’”

“The box office performance will disappoint Gore, who had urged his followers to pack movie theaters to send a message to ‘Trump and the other climate deniers.’ 

“’By filling theaters, we can show Donald Trump and the other climate deniers in the White House that the American people are committed to climate action –– no matter what they do, say, or tweet!’ Gore wrote in an email alert sent to his supporters on Friday August 4th, the day of his nationwide opening.”

Gore’s original film has come under renewed suspicions during the fallout over “An Inconvenient Sequel” as well.

“A prominent Ivy League Geologist who voted for Gore, was ‘appalled’ after viewing his first 2006 film. ‘I voted for Gore in 2000, yeah. I think that if he ran again, depending on who he ran against, I might vote for him. He’s a smart man,’ said Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, who chaired the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania in the skeptical film ‘Climate Hustle.’ 

“But after viewing Gore’s film, Giegengack had this reaction. ‘I was appalled. I was appalled because he either deliberately misrepresented the point he was making or didn’t understand it. So it was irresponsible of Al Gore.’”

The global warming hoax has long been a part of the leftist ethos, which is fueled simply by globalism, guilt, and greed.

By attempting to united the entire planet under the ruse of battling “climate change”, globalist billionaires can consolidate political power into the hands of a few international leaders.  This, in turn, allows for a much simpler manipulation of currency and resources, allowing men like George Soros to garner an unacceptable amount of influence throughout the world…all at the expense of international sovereignty.


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