Al Gore

Gore’s Home Highlights Global Warming Hoaxer’s Hypocrisy

With only days left before his second piece of progressive propaganda hits theaters, some shocking statistics have been made public regarding former Vice President Al Gore’s home.

Gore, who is famous for a number of oddities and failures, has been working diligently to promote the liberal ecological agenda through his advocacy on the subject of global warming.  It’s not as though the former Vice President is pushing the climate change hoax purely selflessly, however, as his original film An Inconvenient Truth was nothing more than a well-disguised informercial for Gore’s own carbon credits business.

Now, as Gore is preparing to release a sequel to that film, once again in hopes of sparking a massive liberal exodus into globalism, the nation has grown a bit wiser.  Call it part of the Trump Effect, or perhaps just a shift to necessary cynicism, but Al Gore’s claims don’t carry the weight that they once did…

…Particularly when you take a look at the hypocritical home in which he makes habitation.

“In just this past year, Gore burned through enough energy to power the typical American household for more than 21 years, according to a new report by the National Center for Public Policy Research. The former vice president consumed 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence, which includes his home, pool and driveway entry gate electricity meters. A typical family uses an average of 10,812 kWh of electricity per year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

“It gets worse.

“Last September alone, Gore devoured 30,993 kWh of electricity. That’s enough to power 34 average American homes for a month. Over the last 12 months, Gore used more electricity just heating his outdoor swimming pool than six typical homes use in a year.

“According to Energy Vanguard, a company devoted to making homes more energy efficient, a residence that uses less than 10 kWh of electricity per square foot each year is considered ‘efficient.’  Homes that gulp down more than 20 kWh of electricity per square foot each year are labeled ‘energy hogs.’ Gore’s house consumed 22.9 kWh per square foot in the past 12 months making him a huge energy hog by any measure.

“Astonishingly, Gore also owns at least two other homes – a penthouse in San Francisco and a farmhouse in Carthage, Tennessee – so his carbon footprint is even larger than it appears.”

Gore’s continued use of this tired eco-warrior trope has more than run its course, yet his film’s release on Friday looks to capture the malleable minds of progressive millennials the nation over.

The liberals rely on the global warming hoax to attack American conservatives in political arenas.  By controlling the entire climate change narrative, these leftists have been able to shift their “facts” and their focus in order to stay ahead of true scientific research that would destroy their entire scam.  This has led to vicious partisan bickering that distracts the American voter from the issues that truly effect them, instead, coercing them to cast their ballots based on the gut-wrenching imagery of emaciated polar bears being exploited by the left.

When you look solely at the issues that affect America, it becomes difficult to justify the liberal agenda.  That is why these lunatic leftists must rely on heart wrenching conjecture to achieve their political goals.



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