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Gore Blames Europe Unrest on Global Warming, Shocked when Lifelong Fisherman tells Him the Sea hasn’t Risen

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A dueling pair of tales about Al Gore have our favorite fool, looking… foolish. 

First, Gore blames European unrest on global warming.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Environmentalist and film producer Al Gore claimed “drought stricken refugees” are causing political unrest in Europe during a CNN town hall Tuesday night with Anderson Cooper.

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“The number of people that are becoming climate refugees already is beginning to create some political unrest and challenge to the governance of some countries that have a tough time, even in the best of seasons,” Gore said. “These refugees from the drought stricken areas, also climate refugees, are beginning to create instability in parts of Europe and this is just the beginning.”

This line of reasoning isn’t new for Gore. He has previously made arguments claiming global warming caused both Brexit and the Syrian civil war.

“[Climate-related extreme drought] has unleashed this incredible flow of refugees into Europe, which is creating political instability in Europe, which contributed in some ways to the desire of some in the U.K. to say ‘whoa, we’re not sure we want to be part of that anymore,’” Gore said while promoting his new film “An Inconvenient Sequel” in the U.K.


A commercial crabber rained on Gore’s parade when he explained to him that the sea levels haven’t risen over the las 50 years.

Al Gore was challenged on climate science Tuesday night when the mayor of Tangier Island, a community threatened by coastal erosion, told the environmentalist film producer he hadn’t seen the sea level change since he began his first career as a commercial crabber in 1970.

Gore was taking questions from the audience on a CNN Townhall with Anderson Cooper when the fisherman and Tangier Island mayor James Eskridge challenged Gore’s assertion that rising sea levels were endangering coastal communities.

“I’m a commercial crabber and I’ve been working the Chesapeake Bay for 50+ years. I have a crab house business out on the water and the water level is the same as it was when the place ws built in 1970,” Eskridge said. “I’m not a scientist, but I am a keen observer and if sea level rises are occurring, why am I not seeing signs of it?”

Eskridge went on to say that erosion was slowly eating away at the island, but it was a natural force caused by “wave action [and] storms.”

“Have [the storms] increased any?” Gore asked.

“Not really,” Tangier’s mayor responded.

Tangier Island has lost 66 percent of its land to erosion since 1850. Eskridge has asked the Trump administration for help building a sea wall to stop the island from disappearing, CBS News reports.

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