GOP Wins Across Board, Trump Calls for Unity

After a contentious campaign in which Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the left-leaning media pulled out all the stops to try to win the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party lost across the board.

It wasn’t a complete landslide, but it was more than enough.

The Left’s entire campaign was one long effort to convince you that Donald Trump was sexist, racist, classist, rude, crude and unintelligent. They manufactured complaints and made up scandals — anything to distract from the very real weaknesses, shortcomings, crimes, lies, vulgarity and vile attitudes of Hillary Clinton.

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In the end, enough people in that “basket of deplorables” saw through what the Left was doing and put Trump in office. It wasn’t as many as you might hope — there are plenty of people who still live in the fantasy that this election had anything to do with Hillary being a woman.

The Left today will probably be out marching, screaming and crying about the results. It’s mob therapy, a sort of primal scream with vandalism and possibly looting. The Los Angeles Police Department is already suited up.

But despite efforts to paint him as divisive and controversial, Trump gave a very gracious victory speech, in which he called for unity.

What Tuesday’s election really was, is a repudiation of two terms of the Left’s arrogance and condescension. There was no prattle about turning back the rising seas or saving the planet. Instead, there was humility and gratitude.

It’s conservatives’ turn now, so let’s prove that we really are the healing alternative we like to think we are.

One of the few things Clinton got right is that Republicans do want to take America into a golden age. But she made a mistake in thinking that golden age is in the past. While we “deplorables” know and love our history, America’s golden age is still ahead, if Trump can lead us there.

It’s up to the Left if they want to join the rest of their fellow Americans and begin rebuilding what eight years of neglect has torn down.

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