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GOP Unleashes The Video That Dems Don’t Want You To See

If there’s one thing that the democrats dislike more than President Donald Trump, it is being called “unhinged”.

This has been the case from the very moment that Donald Trump became the republican nominee for President, coinciding with the first stages of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”: A mythical diagnosis that seems to be the only explanation for the unkempt and simply preposterous behavior of the radical left as of late.

If only there was a nice, succinct summary of this bizarre and incendiary behavior for us to share…

Leave it to the GOP Twitter account to bring the heat.

The sheer volume of heavily-influential language in just this simple 1-minute compilation is enough to convince us that the discriminatory democrats are actively promoting the idea that conservatives are second class citizens.

Remember, these same democrats swore an oath to uphold the creed of this nation, which can be summed up in the natural law stating that “all men are created equal”.  For supposed “Americans”, they sure are acting like something else entirely.


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