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GOP Threatening to Blackball Alabama Conservatives for Supporting Judge Roy Moore

In an ugly turn of events, Conservative voters in Alabama are being threatened by the national GOP for supporting Roy Moore over the Republican Party’s preferred RINO candidate, Luther Strange.

The naming of former Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to become the Attorney General has left a gaping hole in the Senate for conservatives. The disgraced former Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, named Luther Strange to fill Sessions’ shoes, but the people of Alabama will soon decide who’ll fill the vacancy long-term. Sadly, the national GOP has decided to step in and force their own choice to fill the vacancy on the people of Alabama.

Politico is reporting that the national Republican Party is threatening to blackball anyone working to support GOP candidates not named Luther Strange.

On Thursday, Politico’s Daniel Strauss reported that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is treating Luther Strange, the temporary replacement for now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, appointed by the now disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley, as an incumbent. As such, it will blackball any vendors who do consulting work for his challengers in the upcoming special primary slated for August.

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From Strauss and Politico Pro: “In recent days, the GOP Senate committee has warned at least two firms, Jamestown Associates and Strategic Perception Inc., against taking on clients who are running or considering running against Strange, according to half a dozen Republican operatives and officials in Washington and Alabama.”

In fact, the Senate Leadership Fund has already put aside $2.6 Million to defend Strange against his GOP rivals.

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Yes, now the GOP is taking a page from the Democrats and using carpetbaggers to force their own will on the people who actually live in Alabama.

Ever since a series of messy Republican primaries led to losses of winnable Senate races in 2010 and 2012, Republicans led by McConnell of Kentucky have worked aggressively to defeat fringe primary candidates in Senate races. Their goal has been to ensure that GOP Senate primaries produce mainstream Republican candidates who can go on to win the general election. 

By the way, you should get to know the man that the GOP establishment is supporting. Luther Strange is a former lobbyist who is a veteran of the D.C. “Swamp.” He is everything that the average GOP voter hates about D.C. politics, and he’s the man that the GOP leadership desperately wants to win in Alabama.

The ascension of Mr. Strange to the seat Mr. Sessions held for 20 years offers a vivid illustration of how, even as Mr. Trump tries to steer the Republican Party toward a more populist orientation on some issues, the institutional party still largely comprises business-aligned Republicans.

Mr. Strange, 63, whose appointment was enthusiastically welcomed by the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is no stranger to the swamp, Mr. Trump’s derisive term for the nation’s capital. After playing in the low post on a basketball scholarship at Tulane University, the towering Mr. Strange — whose nickname, “Big Luther,” eventually ended up in campaign television advertisements — found his way to Washington to run the government affairs office for Sonat Offshore, then an influential gas utility based in Alabama.

Strange’s most impressive challenger is former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Roy Moore. Moore is a consistent conservative who enjoys tremendous support from the people of his state, and who actually has better name recognition than the incumbent Senator.

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If it were a “fair fight,” Moore would likely defeat Strange handily, and then even more easily defeat whoever the Democrats are able to find to stand against him.

For his part, Moore is disgusted by the GOP’s attempt to put their thumb on the scales and overcome the will of the people of Alabama.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore said it is “disgusting” that Washington is getting involved in the special election for Jeff Sessions’ seat, accusing national Republicans of trying “to control the vote” in favor of Sen. Luther Strange. 

I know that money doesn’t control the people, and when people realize that [national Republicans are] trying to buy this election out of Washington, D.C., I think they’ll react accordingly,” he said. “Obviously they’re trying to buy the people of Alabama. They think people are unaware enough to just look at the television and just vote the way people in Washington want them to vote.”

Folks, don’t let the GOP establishment do this. Don’t let them dictate to us who will represent us in Congress and who will not. We need to stand together and send a message to the GOP that we, the people, will decide who represents us in Congress. This is our decision to make, not theirs.

If you agree that the GOP should let the Voters in Alabama decide who should represent them, please click here and help Judge Roy Moore become the next Senator from the Great State of Alabama.

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