The GOP is Running The Table in Texas With Nearly 90% of The State’s …

Americans are acutely aware of just how special our great state of Texas truly is, but today, a new reason to marvel at the Lone Star State has arrived.

Texas is, itself, almost a nation of its own.  The fiercely independent republic, whose land mass is roughly the equivalent of the entirety of France plus Switzerland, spans hundred of thousands of square miles.  Furthermore, at it’s most grandeur, there are cities both contained within Texas that are over 840 miles apart.  

When they say that everything is bigger in Texas, they aren’t messing around.

Beyond sheer size, however, Texas’ long history of rebuking the federal government and national societal trends is well documented.  Often claiming that secession is always a few political moves away, the Lone Star State has maintained an attitude of uniqueness among governing bodies as well.

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The intrepid people of Texas have yet another distinction to speak of this week, however, as we begin to take a deep look into the fundraising efforts of the nation’s two largest political parties.

While it’s no surprise that Texas is predictably conservative, you won’t believe just how engaged Lone Star State republicans truly are by percentage.

“Political money follows political power, and in Texas that means it’s mostly going to Republicans, who scooped up almost 90 cents of every dollar that’s gone into state campaign coffers so far in the 2018 election cycle.

“Put another way: Donors pumped a total of $67 million into state-level campaigns from the beginning of 2017 through Jan. 25, and a whopping $57 million of it, or about 86 percent, went to GOP candidates, according to a Texas Tribune analysis. The top 20 recipients of state campaign largesse in Texas were all Republicans.

“Gov. Greg Abbott dominates Texas fundraising like no other candidate, pulling in an astonishing $20 million during that period, or nearly a third of all the political money raised in state races since the beginning of last year. Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came in a distant second with $6.8 million raised over the last 13 months.”

This incredible statistic is made possible not only by Texans’ unwillingness to bow to the liberal mainstream media, but also by their roots in traditional American culture.

Another factor to consider, of course, is the republicans’ stance on immigration from Mexico – an issue that is near and dear to Texans in ways that no other people on the planet can claim.  Surely, if Texas is clamoring for a border wall via their population’s political donations, then this is something worth exploring further.

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