GOP Rep. says I Don’t Care Who Gave Us the Emails, they were Factual!

GOP Congressman and early Donald Trump supporter Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is sick and tired of the liberal media’s assault on the President-elect. He’s particularly peeved with Democrats and their friends in the media for focusing on Russia’s part in the DNC/Clinton campaign email leaks, something I think most Americans can agree with him about.

It simply makes no sense that the story from these events should be about the impact Russia played on our election by leaking out the Democrats dirty laundry, instead of the story actually being about the Democrats foul emails. If the leaks played a role in the election it’s because Americans read the emails and were (rightly) disgusted by the ugly conversations that were being held behind closed doors. However, the media has completely ignored this aspect of the story and focused instead on how dirty laundry got aired.

While the media doesn’t seem to care about what we think on this matter, we fortunately have a representative who’s voice can be heard.

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On Monday, Rohrabacher walked into the Lion’s Den of MSNBC and went head-to-head against Hillary Clinton apologist Andrea Mitchell. Rohrabacher told Mitchell that he doesn’t doubt that the Russians were constantly trying (and sometimes succeeding) at hacking various American interests, including the DNC, the RNC, and even the Clinton campaign. But the Russians hacking shouldn’t be the issue that consumes the media…

“What I have said is that I don’t care who provided us those e-mails. The e-mails were factual, and thus the American people, it did not hurt the American people to have more factual information available to them.

This is just a frantic effort to try to discredit an election because the American people rejected the liberal left effort. This is — the massive campaign against Trump. And the media cannot accept that the people have rejected them…

If people are giving the American people more information, why are you so upset about it?”

Rohrabacher reminded Mitchell that she and others in the media didn’t get this upset when Teddy Kennedy himself tried to get the Soviet Union to meddle in our elections back in 1984.

“By the way, we know now that Teddy Kennedy went to Moscow in 1984, met with the head of the KGB, and asked if we could arrange some kind of an event that would dislodge Reagan’s support in the upcoming election. Now that was treason.”

Rohrabacher also added that Hillary Clinton’s decision to destroy her government-related emails was a “worse” crime than Russia’s possible leaking of the DNC/Clinton campaign emails.

“Well, for one thing, what we need to do is focus on e-mail security. But when you’re a public official, you know that you are the target of such hacking. That’s number one. And when we are talking about this particular case, let’s figure out now, what is worse? Hillary destroyed e-mails that were under subpoena, and she destroyed them. What’s worse? That’s worse (than) hacking in and giving us those e-mails? No.

The destruction of the e-mails by Hillary was a far worse crime against the American people. She’s trying to keep information from the American people. And if the Russians are, whoever it was hacked into that system and gave the American people that information that Hillary had tried to destroy, more power to whoever…

She destroyed them to keep information from the American people, right. She destroyed them so we wouldn’t know. And so the fact is, now we are being upset by the people who actually gave the information to the American people. No, those e-mails were under subpoena and she destroyed them so that we wouldn’t know the facts. And if they did hacked to give us the information, the American people deserve to have that information…

You have someone destroyed evidence and running for office, and you’ve got — and they don’t expect that their e-mails then can be hacked into and the American people are not going to get to know what she destroyed? That’s the real issue here.”

 Rohrabacher chose to focus in on Hillary’s destruction of her emails, but he could have instead focused on her deliberate attempt to hide her emails from America by placing them on a private server. He mentions “security” and he could have explained that it was Clinton who exposed her campaign, the DNC, and the American government to the wider world. It was Clinton and her team who made it so easy for foreign aggressors to easily access our national secrets. Rohrabacher could have also mentioned how the FBI warned the DNC over a year ago about the weaknesses in their defenses but that the DNC did nothing to fix those problems.

The point in all of this is simple, though. We should be vigilant against Russia’s attempts to infiltrate our national security, but the real story here should be about Clinton’s crimes, the DNC’s incompetence, and the Democrats’ disdain for Americans (which was revealed in their private emails). Sadly, if we’re going to wait for the media to cover the real story here (and fairly)… we’ll be waiting a very long time.


H/T CNS News

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