Is the GOP Primary Stolen in Arizona?

One of the things that Americans have always had to fall back on was their elections. No matter how bad things seemed to be, there was always the hope that the next voting cycle would bring better representation. But what would they do if this one sliver of hope was proved to be false?

As I reported, there have been some things that just do not seem right about the primaries. In several states, there have been reports of tampering with delegate elections. This would mean that the number of Trump supporters serving as delegates would be lower than the actual voting would bear out.

But now, there is a question about the election itself in Arizona.

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The Washington Standard reports

There are clearly shenanigans that are going on in the GOP primaries, as well as the Democrat primaries, and now Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is claiming voter fraud in the wake of Cruz supporters picking up 26 of the 28 at-large delegates and half of the 27 congressional district delegates.

Since Cruz won unbound delegates, isn’t this him just playing the game by the rules? After all, many people don’t even understand the rules of the system in the first place.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Indiana primary, former Governor Brewer, along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and others spoke out on what they believe was voter fraud.

Now, what we have to ask ourselves is simply this: why would someone wish to rig the primaries? Well, it all comes down to a rule. This GOP Primary rule states that for a nominee to be able to win the primary, he has to have gained a majority of the delegates in at least eight states.

Until the vote in Arizona, Cruz was one state short of that number. This rule is called 40b. But some deny that this rule will stand.

Newsmax reports

“These delegates that are elected, they will sit down and scrap the rules for this convention.”

In 2012, the Rules Committee was made up mostly of Mitt Romney’s delegates, said Spicer, but this time around, the delegates will likely either back Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has been invoking 40b in his arguments against Ohio Gov. John Kasich, or Donald Trump, and will craft rules specific to this year’s convention.

But something is going on in Arizona and whatever the reason for the possible fraud, we must be concerned that we are losing the one earthly hope we had for good government.

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