Is the GOP Healthcare Plan a TRAP for Donald Trump?

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There hasn’t been a healthcare plan so widely unpopular since Barack Obama and his Democrat minions shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people. This is a plan that has united both liberals and conservatives in opposition, and has brought discord into the GOP at a time when they should be ushering in a conservative Golden Age. And this is a plan that conservative radio host Laura Ingraham says is actually meant as a trap for President Donald Trump.

Ingraham recently appeared on Fox News to warn the President away from the deal.

“This idea that phase three is going to come and it’s going to be some nirvana, if they believe they can get 60 votes for this phase three that we heard about last week, then why not do it now?  Why not at the same time that you repeal, replace it with the best legislation Republicans have right now?”

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Ingraham also pointed out that the GOP was setting a terrible trap for themselves by pursuing their current course of action because “state budgets are going to implode when this Medicaid expansion starts to retreat. I think Donald Trump is going to get caught on this in 2020. I think there’s a trap set for him on this. I’d like to spend an hour talking to him about it. I think this is a trap set for Trump and it’s going to be bad.”

She argued that instead of passing this bad partial-repeal and fix bill, the GOP should repeal Obamacare completely first, and then look to pass legislation to accomplish their goals. She and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who she spoke with on her radio show, also both agreed that the GOP was dreaming if they though they’d ever be able to complete all 3 phases of their healthcare plan.

“It’s never going to happen because Republicans will lose this narrative on all these people losing healthcare. Make the Democrats defend the status quo, where healthcare prices go up, up, up every year because of the medical monopolies. That in my view is the better way to go. It forces the Democrats to defend an untenable system.”

This is the danger, isn’t it? While the Democrats passed Obamacare in one fell swoop and crammed it down our nations throat, the GOP will use a tiered process that won’t ever fully pass. There just won’t be time to get all 3 phases passed before the Democrat take back control of at least one of the branches of government. The only way to end Obamacare’s death grip upon our nation is to sever the bill from existence in one swift action.

Repeal Obamacare. Now.

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