GOP Healthcare Bill Vote Delayed Possibly Due to Lack of Votes

It looks as though Americans will have to wait until after Independence Day to see Obamacare repealed.

Like many of the campaign promises made during Donald Trump’s rise to the White House, his declaration that he would repeal and replace the disastrous Affordable Care Act has been delayed by the quagmire of the Washington swamp that the President has been attempting to drain.  Now, as the House has passed one bill, and the Senate has finished constructing their version, it appears that political maneuvering has stalled progress until after the July 4th recess on Capitol Hill.

“The GOP has been trying to piece together their Obamacare replacement and come up with something that can pass through Congress.

“To be fair. That’s a really difficult job when you consider the fact that getting legislation through the Senate when you only control it by a thin margin takes a lot of finesse.

“The bill will not be the perfect bill that conservatives have been waiting for. It’s going to have problems.

“So far, those problems have caused 5 GOP senators to withdraw support for now.”

Mitch McConnell is being credited with delaying the vote, with the presumption being that the 5 GOP senators who’ve withdrawn support being key to the delay.

Many in the GOP have raised their concern that the bill itself is not enough of a departure from Obamacare, a plan that caused Americans’ out of pocket costs for healthcare to skyrocket, while simultaneously making it highly unappealing for business owners to hire full time staff due to the rigid requirements within the act.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been an extremely vocal opponent of the legislation’s half-measures.

While the concern over the possibly neutered bill is legitimate, the American people are personally more concerned with how Obamacare continues to hinder their lives and their finances.  Whether or not this Senate bill will provide all of the answers remains a dubious proposition, however, the entirety of America can agree:  Obamacare must go.


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