Rick Scott

GOP Governor Turns Tail and Runs into Arms of Leftist Gun Groups

There are certain times in the history of this great nation when we, as a people, will face extreme hardships and grief.  This week is one of those times.

Thanks to the actions of Nikolas Cruz, a mentally disturbed teen who attacked his former classmates in Florida last week, killing 17 and wounding dozens more, our days are now filled with incredibly disheartening reinterpretations of the American spirit and the very idea of liberty.

We are currently being harassed and provoked by liberal contingent who has absolute no respect or reverence for the Second Amendment, and their dangerous push for a rethinking of American gun rights is tragically gaining steam.

The liberal media is, our course, a huge progenitor of this sort of angsty drivel.  Their reckless use of linguistics and semantics has prompted a number of violent incidents in the United States over the course of the last year, including a rifle attack on GOP congressmen on a Virginia baseball field, and the anarchistic riots of Berkeley, California.

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Now, in an effort to appease these leftist goons, who have shown no remorse for their violent turn, a number of republicans are tucking their tails and cowering beneath the visage of the democratic party’s push to completely destroy our right to bear arms.  One such politician is Florida Governor Rick Scott, who recently slithered a great distance to the left in order to disparage our nation’s most important liberty.

“CNN reports that Scott is pushing a ‘Violent Threat Restraining Order,’ which are similar to California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders in that they a designed to secure court orders to confiscate firearms following a family member’s complaint.

“It is difficult to see how such orders–designed to be triggered by family requests–would have been effective against Nikolas Cruz. After all, the family with which he was staying repeatedly called the police on him in November 2017 but refused to file charges when sheriff’s deputies arrived. A member of the family with which Cruz was staying explained away Cruz’s erratic behavior by saying he ‘had been suffering significantly from the loss of his mother’ earlier in the month.

“Scott is also pushing a bump stock ban, ‘tougher background checks,’ more stringent rules against the mentally ill, and a ban on purchasing or possessing firearms by anyone ‘subject to an injunction for protection against stalking, cyberstalking, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, or domestic violence.'”

That wide, wide list of ailments could undoubtedly be abused in order to simply reduce the number of firearms in our supposedly “free” nation.  This is the all-too-prevelant fear of the patriotic.

In these difficult times, standing your ground on American liberty can be a daunting task.  The left is far too adept at playing our emotions against us, as they have shown us in the wake of this recent tragedy.  Only the weak shall succumb to their perverse games, however, as Rick Scott has shown us today.

Stay strong, patriots:  Brighter days are ahead.

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