GOP Free-for-all in SC Debate

I, like most men who grew up in the heyday of heavyweight boxing, like a good fight. I know that it is wrong to find pleasure in two grown men pummeling one another senseless, but it is hard not to watch and harder not to cheer. With that said, I have sworn off of the presidential debates. Besides the fact that I have no one that I could say would represent me, there is the sad fact that most if not all have no clue what a debate is or what it means to be presidential.

It is sad to say, but I believe that I have turned into my grandfather. My “grandpa Ware” was a WWII vet, and self-made contractor. And he was forever going on about men not being what they used to be. Well, now I guess it is my turn.

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Can you imagine men such as Reagan, Kennedy, or Truman acting like the GOP candidates did Saturday night? Like I said I did not watch but I have heard enough to know that it was more like what we would expect to see in a third-grade schoolyard than a presidential debate stage.

I do not bring up the DNC debates because they feature two Communists and a Nut (I leave it to you to figure out who is what there), they would have been arrested in Truman and Kennedy’s day.

The Washington Post sums up the show this way

The escalating quarreling may increase the likelihood of a long, expensive and potentially futile effort to unite Republicans around the eventual nominee. The barbs at Saturday’s debate were ferocious and personal: Trump made fun of Bush’s mother and bickered with him over whether Bush had suggested that he would drop his pants and moon people (which he had); Rubio jabbed Cruz for not being fluent in Spanish; and they all seemed to call one another liars.

The sad truth I am afraid is that God has weighed this nation He has so blessed and found us wanting. We as Christians have for too long justified voting for men and women who will fill our felt wants and desires, rather than demanding morality and justice. We are being led by capricious children. God warns that this is the penalty for ignoring His Word (Is. 3:4). God have mercy.

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