Could the GOP Actually Lose while they Win?

An Open Letter to Reince Priebus and the GOP:  If you want to Win, Stop Threatening People!

Dear Mr. Priebus,

President Obama just came out and said it would be a personal insult if African-Americans did not vote for Hillary. On Sunday’s CBS’ Face the Nation, you made essentially the same statement by threatening former presidential candidates that if they did not get on board with Trump, there would be no place for them in the RNC in 2020. Since they took a pledge to back the nominee, you now want them to honor it. You are ignoring that fact that, by March, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich AND Donald Trump had all backed away from the pledge because it is quite frankly, ridiculous.

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The only reason you and the RNC were so obsessed with the pledge was because you were petrified of Donald Trump going 3rd party. I recall that did not stop Trump from constantly promising to renege on the pledge if he was not treated fairly. Now look what you are reduced to. You are using the same bullying techniques of Barack Obama and it’s getting you nowhere. You want the same people that Trump trashed and degraded for months to now put their name on his candidacy without even an apology from him? Have you no integrity left?

Every chance Cruz had he invited and welcomed voters from every campaign to join him. He constantly talked about unity and working together under the Constitution for a common cause. Every time Trump was asked about unity, he said he did not need or want Cruz’s endorsement. Your nominee has made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want conservatives. That would be like Barack saying I really don’t need the African-American vote.

So why are you threatening them? They’ve already been repeatedly dismissed. If you want to hold someone’s feet to the fire for all the disunity in your party, maybe you better start with your nominee. It’s up to the winner to pull the party together, not those who dropped out.

Now that Trump is the nominee, you and the RNC have to deal with your fate. It is true you are a private entity. You have the right to make your own rules. But We The People have no obligation to buy what you are selling. The Republican Party formed to replace the unproductive Whig Party that made a lot of promises and kept none of them. History is very good at repeating itself.

You say you have rules that can prevent people from being allowed to run on the Republican ticket. It would have been nice if you would have triggered some of those policies to keep a New York liberal Democrat who financially and publicly supported Hillary Clinton for years from becoming your nominee to run against her.

You originally used the threat of the pledge to try to corner Trump and it backfired. I would not be surprised if you are using your threat now to give you cover to deny Cruz a chance in 2020. It’s no secret the RNC despises Cruz more than Trump and #NeverTrumpers are all to aware of that. I suggest you really rethink your position now before it all blows up in your face.

Part of the reason #NeverTrumpers are holding so firmly to their principles is because they refuse to be bullied. Commentators like Sean Hannity are saying they will hold #NeverTrumpers responsible for a Hillary Presidency while at the same time promising to destroy them in a Trump Presidency. Why would they want to unite with that?

If Trump loses, his most ardent supporters will not doubt make it difficult for the #NeverTrumpers.  They believe the conservative movement at least has a chance with Hillary to live on to fight another day. Trump and his surrogates, including you, have made it abundantly clear that if he wins, the conservative movement will be outright targeted. They have all but guaranteed it’s complete demise. As Mark Levin recently decided, some #NeverTrumpers are abandoning their principles to pull the lever for Trump to give him a win. They recognize it will be at the peril of their own constitutional movement. Where is the win for the Constitutional conservative?

Trump’s continuous threats of lawsuits to media and conservative commentators that don’t bow down and kiss his feet are not instilling any confidence in anyone. Eight years ago many American’s were extremely concerned that Obama would take away their First Amendment rights. Your nominee has outright threatened on several occasions to do just that. Since we are told he always tells it like it is and is always truthful, what are #NeverTrumpers suppose to do?

Constitutionalists cannot support a man so defiant of Americans’ rights. They want Trump to give them a reason to support him. All the RNC and Trump do though is give proof that they care absolutely nothing about the document and the freedoms it guarantees.

There’s a saying, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Keep threatening your constituents and the GOP will be nothing more than the Whig Party at the end of Trump’s first term. Which, at this point, is probably a good thing.

If the RNC wants the #NeverTrump vote, then they better darn well start acting like it. They need to ensure conservatives they are heard and the voice of conservative leaders will not be destroyed under a Trump Presidency. You need to start courting the #NeverTrump vote instead of terrorizing them. And they need more substantial reasons to vote for Trump than 1. He’s better than Hillary, 2. We know what Hillary will do. At least with Trump we have a chance, and 3. If you don’t we are going to destroy you.

After years of being ignored by the likes of John Boehner, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. John McCain, the RNC is reaping what they have sown with conservatives. For decades they have insisted they don’t need the true, diehard conservative movement to win. You and the RNC have proven that multiple times with your treatment of Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Rand Paul and other strong conservative leaders. Congratulations, Priebus. You now have your wish.

Conservatives are tired by being treated the way Democrats treat African-Americans. Reince, you, like Obama, think that it would be a personal insult if conservatives don’t vote for the Republican nominee despite the fact that your party has shown no conservative values. It is an abusive relationship and conservatives have had enough. You have told them for the last time to go to the back of the bus, sit down and shut up.


But that’s just my 2 cents (and the belief of the 20% that makes up the base of the Republican Party.)

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