Google’s Internet Ad Monopoly Blasted by Advertising CEO

There are a myriad of ways in which the American political left can impose their fascist-like censorship on the national discussion.

In the age of Trump, who has been on a mission to rewrite the way in which Americans both view and interact with the government, the liberal mainstream media has been working overtime to mitigate the influence of the President.  This is no small task, obviously, but with help from internet giants such as Google and Facebook, the left is having scattered success.

Facebook had previously been leading the charge of leftist neo-Fascism by culling their “trending topics” section of conservative news sources, first with a team of engineers and now with an algorithm designed to prevent right-wing websites from appearing within the segment regardless of their actual trending status.

Google’s attempts to unbalance the national narrative are much more nefarious, however, as the search engine company also happens to control a massive majority of all internet advertising revenue through their early entry into the industry.  This has led to at least one advertising CEO to publicly decry Google’s monopolization of internet advertising.

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After Parsec CEO Marc Guldimann was forced to completely “ditch” his old ad unit in response to Google’s upcoming version of the Chrome browser which will automatically block ads, he criticized the amount of power over the Internet that one company holds.

“Right now, they are a benevolent dictator,” Guldimann declared. “Let’s not joke ourselves. They own the browser. We’re playing in their world. They set the rules.”

According to Business Insider, “Starting next year, when Google rolls out the latest version of its Chrome browser, [Parsec’s style of] ads will be automatically blocked.”

“So Parsec is scrambling to ditch the old ad unit entirely — which means getting publishers, advertisers, and other business partners to run an entirely different, Chrome-approved, ad unit,” they explained. “Guldimann acknowledges that the company was always going to have to move away from ads that force interaction. But his complaint is that Google is using its massive power in the digital ad ecosystem, to play judge, jury, and executioner of ad-tech companies. He’s not clear, he says, on how Google made the decision it did or when and how it’ll be implemented.”

Google’s undue advertising advantage on the internet must be legally challenged either privately through lawsuit, or publicly through anti-trust inquiries.  Otherwise, the company is meddling in our elections and government in ways that only Hillary Clinton could dream about.

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