Google’s “Gun” Censorship Plagued by Sloppy Engineers and Spelling

When it comes to haste, no one succeeds quite as prolifically as the progressive left in America.  When responding to tragedy, their swiftness becomes mythical.

That’s because the democrats and their leftist ilk know that they only have a finite amount of time to capture to raw emotion of an even, such as the Parkland, Florida Valentine’s Day Massacre:  A mental-health rampage disguised by the democrats as a symptom of their imaginary “mass shooting disorder”.

While standing squarely on the graves of the 17 lives lost in Parkland, the democrats began parading around nonsensical, unconstitutional trash legislation as if it were some sort of cure-all bandaid for the grief and sorrow in Florida.  They turned these children, teachers, and staff into political pawns with a quickness, politicizing their every last word as if it were spoken with any more truth than ours.

In this rush to be seen reacting properly in the left’s court of public opinion, Google predictably turned to its liberal lean in order to flush out any guilt they are pretending to harbor.  For the search engine side of things, Google began censoring any search queries with the word “gun” in them.

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Of course, the hasty and sloppy engineers at the liberal echo chamber also began censoring the word “burgundy” and phrase “Guns and Roses”, simply because they contained the letters “g”, “u”, and “n” in that order.

“Google has removed results in its shopping tool for a wide range of terms related to firearms, unwittingly censoring completely unrelated items such as music groups and movies whose titles matched filtered terms.

“Google Shopping allows users to search for products from a wide range of online shopping sites to compare prices and offerings. The Internet giant has removed search results for a wide variety of terms, which was discovered by social media users this week.

“Searches for ‘gun,’ ‘guns,’ ‘pistol,’ ‘pistols,’ ‘AR-15,’ ‘rifle,’ and ‘revolver,’ in the shopping section of Google’s search engine will now fail to return any results, while other searches which have nothing to do with firearms but include the keywords similarly provide no results, including ‘toy guns,’ ‘water guns,’ ‘glue gun,’ ‘Guns and Roses,’ ‘Gundam,’ ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Naked Gun,’ the ‘Man With the Golden Gun,’ ‘Shogun,’ ‘Sex Pistols,’ and even ‘burgundy.’”

This becomes extremely troublesome for red wine drinkers who do 80’s rock-themed arts and crafts.

We must ask exactly where this bizarre overreaction is headed, given that it seems to have become an all-encompassing, blanket attitude among the reactionary left.

Google isn’t the only wide-reaching platform taking such large steps, either.  Just last week, YouTube and CNN were shown to be colluding in order to have Alex Jones’ Infowars channel pulled from YouTube, on the basis that they simply didn’t agree with what he was saying.


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