Google Vows to Make Populism A “Hiccup” in Leaked Internal Video

Knowing what we know about the way that Google, Twitter, and others have colluded to mitigate free speech, perhaps that headline should come as no surprise.

But, maybe that’s the problem.  We’ve come to accept that our freedoms will be throttled whenever the government or their compatriots deem it necessary.  After 9/11, we were all forced to remove our shoes and submit to outright groping in order to board a privately owned and operated airplane.  We just think “well, this is the way it is now”, and proceed into the molestation line.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have no say in how Google or Twitter treat our fellow Americans.  They’re just too big to be stopped, so “this is the way it is now”, again.  And, worse still, those who speak out against Google’s bias and censorship are scrubbed from existence.

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Just ask Alex Jones.

Now, after the leak of a damning video from inside the search engine company itself, a great many Americans are waking up to the reality that something is truly amiss.

From the video:

VP for Global Affairs Kent Walker argues that supporters of populist causes like the Trump campaign are motivated by “fear, xenophobia, hatred, and a desire for answers that may or may not be there.”

Later, Walker says that Google should fight to ensure the populist movement – not just in the U.S. but around the world – is merely a “blip” and a “hiccup” in a historical arc that “bends toward progress.”

CEO Sundar Pichai states that the company will develop machine learning and A.I. to combat what an employee described as “misinformation” shared by “low-information voters.”

Google has since released a statement claiming that this bias would not be affecting the way in which they operate, and were merely the personal opinions of certain staff members.

I suppose it is up to us individually to decide whether or not that is a believable sentiment.

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