Google Takes Fake News to A New Low with Robot “Journalists”

The contentious relationship with the mainstream, liberal media and President Donald Trump has escalated immensely in recent months, with accusations of “fake news” flying at an unprecedented rate.

It all began during the contentious 2016 presidential election in which Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee, accused Donald Trump of relying on the “alt right” and their use of purported “fake news” in an early attempt to discredit eventual President Donald Trump.  Of course, this was nothing more than another bipartisan attack on the free press, as CNN and other mainstream media outlets believed that they has sole possession of the nation’s attention.

Now, as the idea of “fake news” has transformed from merely biased news stories to completely unverified accusations being broadcast by the liberal media, it has become more readily apparent that an increasing number of outlets are turning to underhanded tactics to bolster their “resistance” to the President.  In a terrifying sign of what’s to come, Google has turned to robotic “journalists” to disseminate their anti-Trump rhetoric.

“Both humans and robots make mistakes, but bots are quicker, cheaper, and don’t require 401K retirement plans or medical insurance.

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“As part of an international trend toward machine-written news reporting, Google is giving the United Kingdom’s Press Association an $800,000 award to create robot journalists.

“The use of artificial intelligence is expected to help the overseas Press Association to churn out 30,000 additional articles every month. The award was announced on July 6.

 “Lucy A. Dalglish, dean and professor at the University of Maryland journalism school, said that robots are spreading to newsrooms around the globe, especially to write stories about sporting events, which are data-driven stories.”
This terrifying iteration of artificial intelligence could easily be weaponized by the liberal-leaning Google to drown out the web presence of the free press, something that journalists are growing more concerned about by the day.
The battle for transparency in the media is sure to continue long after President Trump leaves the Oval Office, and in particular, an escalation could arrive just in time for the 2020 election – an affair that will certainly be far more intense than the 2016 contest.

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